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Pedigreed Wine. ½ price. Unreal.

Dear Wine Lover,

Steven Spurrier (Founder of the Taste of Paris) puts this wine in the top 10 of the 300 he tasted. The least expensive I found the wine on the internet for was $18.95;  my price...$9.99! 

That is correct. The  legendary Steven Spurrier tasted 300 Grenache based wines and put this 2007 Clos de Trias Ventoux in the top 10!  And you can try it for $9.99. 

The accolades don't get any better than this and if you want to experience what  Ventoux is all about...this is a classic...and oh, it is half price. 

I am just sayin', it doesn't get much better than this and if you like smooth, flavorful wines that are true to their region...you have to taste this wine...soon…because when you taste it you will want more...to drink and to IMPRESS YOUR WINE GEEK FRIENDS! 

That is about as simple as I can put it.