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Thanksgiving Wine. $5.99

Dear Wine Lover,

The Answer:

Wonderlust Chardonnay Was: $18.99 Now $5.99
Pairs with yams, roasted chicken, savory stuffing

Volume Chardonnay Was: $14.99 Now: $5.99
Pairs with turkey, light kale salad, green beans

Baron Kokot Piesporter Was: $18.99 Now: $ 5.99
Pairs with Waldorf salad, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, crème brulee, apple pie

Elegance Chardonnay Was: $22.99  Now: $9.99
Pairs with mashed potatoes, turkey, ham

Paola Merlot Was: $16.99 Now: $5.99
Pairs with beef, charred Brussels sprouts, smoked meats

Matchbook Syrah Was: $28.99 Now: $5.99
Pairs with beef loin, smoked salmon, mixed nuts, roasted cauliflower

Burnside Pinot Noir Was: $25.99 Now:  $9.99
Pairs with turkey, chicken, ham, spinach strawberry salad, sour cherry sauce

The question:

What am I serving this year at Thanksgiving...?

Get one or all, and as much as you need for the big gathering...Starting  at $5.99!