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Only 149 cases available (in the world)

Dear Wine Lover,

Get it from Wine.com for $39.99 or get it from me for $19...

Seriously. This is nothing short of a very serious wine at a very serious discount. 

Wine.com sells the very wine for $40. I sell it for $19. Thus the question remains "How do you do it?" 

I think it goes back to...just ask, all they can tell you is "No" but usually, they say YES!

This is an extraordinary wine. Aged to perfection (7 years in the bottle), a Malbec Merlot blend...what you might call a "Super Mendoza". The Malbec is forceful with a distinct blackberry and spice component. The Merlot softens the edges of the Malbec and gives way to a smooth finish. Truly a world class example and worth the $40, if you are so inclined to spend it on a wine like this. 

Test your palate with this extraordinary wine at an extraordinary price. Some label scratches may have occurred during shipment.

NOTE: Some bottles arrived from Argentina scuffed or slightly wrinkled.