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Vinho Verde is hot...now at $5.99

Dear Wine Lover,

Vinho Verde is on fire right now. Once a lean indigenous wine for the Portuguese palate, now an international block buster.

Vinho Verde is a slightly effervescent white wine that has become so popular that maybe I have tasted 12 in the past 2 months when in the past 10 years I had only tasted 12!

Here is one of the best I have tasted and coincidently one of the lowest priced. And one thing cool about Vinho Verde is it has all the alcohol of a still wine (unlike a Moscato).

I have tasted Vinho Verdes that retail for up to $16 and they don't compare to this $5.99 version. Chalk this up to being at the, "Right place at the right time" in the wine biz. The Importer needed to move on and we were the lucky recipients of his generosity, of course I keep paying for this favor in other ways!