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For Cabernet Lovers Only $5.99

Dear Wine Lover,

Watch as Paul tastes the Cabernet, 2008. Wallflower.There is something about this wine that really said, "Taste it again, taste it again." I couldn't put it down.

I don't understand wine names sometimes. Of course, it is getting harder and harder to find one that isn't taken.

But at least name the wine according to its personality or something. To name a wine Wallflower when the darn thing jumps out of the glass at you...

Seriously, although I love Paso Robles Cabernet, I didn't have high hopes when presented this Wallflower Cabernet (2008). After all, isn't a wallflower someone who stands against the wall at the high school dance keeping to him or herself?

This wine does not keep to itself at all. In fact, it is all Paso Robles:  juicy, up front, full of life. Doesn't sound like a wallflower to me.

I bought all they had...126 cases. They can't make any more 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, and I haven't tasted the 2009, so have at it...