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For my white wine buyers only.

Dear Wine Lover,

For my white wine buyers only.

Chardonnay is now official in Chile. For years Sauvignon Blanc ruled the white wine scene down there, but move over SB, Chardonnay is moving in.

I loved the whole San Clemente Product line when they brought it to me. For this rare occasion I fell in love with both the reds and the whites. So I bought them all. I can't tell you the last time that happened, in fact, it may have never happened that I bought the whole line of a winery.

This Chardonnay absolutely floored me. My first thought was "they don't make Chardonnay like this in Chile, this must be from Sonoma!" Until I checked the label again.

Just rich enough to be from California, just lean and crisp enough to be from Chile. Great balance of what Chardonnay should be...but the catch do they do it for $5.99?!

Sometimes we all should just take the deal and ask questions later. By the way, I have 112 cases. No more no less. Get it now.