Join Us for Wine Tasting

Dear Wine Lover,

I feel good...I am in a charitable mood today. What say we get you some wine, very inexpensive, but very good. In fact, as I am writing this I am reflecting on how these wines it too early to have a glass at 8:30am? 

Keeping it simple...a wholesaler messed me up by delivering too much Chardonnay...I just need to move it outta here...$3.99. Then there is the Cabernet from Sin owned Chilean winery...great stuff $5.99. Classic.

And  if you love Malbec. I think the Pascual Toso is as great an example as I have had for years...$5.99 and for my Syrah drinkiers, my friend Clare Barroy brought in this gorgeous Rouge from Gallician $6.99 probably the best value in the sale. 

Have at it. Sale ends Monday, 2/26 at 5pm pst.