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Wine Lawsuit: $9.99 verdict.

Dear Wine Lover,

Lawsuits abound in the wine business. Trademark infringement is the main type. Ridiculous. 

Our friends at Frosted Cake (Napa Valley Merlot) was asked to Cease and Desist by the Layered Cake people (you know that "chain item" wine). Stupid and unfounded. So...rather than fight an expensive "worthless" lawsuit, they re-branded their wine Crusted Pie and came to us to help market their incredible product. 

Folks...this is real Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc. Not Napa County...this is from the heart of the Napa Valley, Saint Helena. 

"Gorgeous cranberry nose with hints of clove and spice. The mid-palate is layered with spice, berries, cassis and red plum. Long drying finish with bright acidity makes this a great match for your favorite cut of beef" (Though braised short ribs come to mind). 

Get this while it lasts...there is very little left before the next lawsuit is filed!