Wine Tasting Don'ts

Wine Tasting No-Nos

7 Things You Should Never, Ever Do at a Wine Tasting

Ninety-nine percent of the people sitting next to you at a wine tasting are making a HUGE mistake. Use this wine tasting etiquette checklist to make sure it never happens to you!

1. NEVER wear cologne or perfume.
The quickest way to confuse your nose and your palate is to taste wine while you smell like roses. Few people know that the aroma of the wine is the taste of the wine!

My father used to attend wine tastings with a cane that folded out into a seat. That way he could always free himself from a heavily perfumed crowd!

2. NEVER chew gum.
Even if it was an hour or two before the tasting, gum will affect your ability to taste the wine. If you feel the need to freshen your mouth between tasting

3. NEVER talk to a friend while the host is speaking. It is easy to get caught up in the experience and excitement, but it's also disrespectful to the concierge who is pouring for you.

4. NEVER volunteer a negative comment unless the host requests your opinion.
It is certainly fine to share your honest feedback with those who arrived with you – after they have also tasted the same wine. But it is polite to avoid influencing another taster's experience.

5. NEVER serve yourself.
If you are ready to move on to the next glass in the tasting, it is never acceptable to help yourself.

6. NEVER feel obligated to finish your glass.
There will be a jar or bucket provided to dispose of any wine that you do not wish to finish. It is perfectly acceptable to pour out (or spit) wine at a tasting. Many tasters do it to avoid over-indulging – not to indicate that they don't care for the wine!

7. NEVER overdo it.
Always enjoy yourself, but remember: No one likes a tipsy wine taster.

These wine tasting etiquette guidelines are just the beginning…
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