Join the Party - Free Wine Tasting Kit $30 Value

Dear Wine Lover,

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This Wine Tasting Party Kit is FREE...a $30 value just for ordering 9 bottles. 9 bottles?! Yes, that leaves room in the case for your FREE Wine Tasting Party Kit!

My daughter used this kit last Halloween for a tasting party...and asked ol' dad to do it for her...this kit is unbelievably thorough.

Putting on a home wine tasting can be cumbersome, how do I do it? where do I get the items? what is the format?

To make it easier, the folks at Non Fiction Developments created the ultimate Wine Tasting Party Kit...I mean it has everything. Invitations, voting rings, voting pads, bag wraps, Designated Driver stickers, award certificates you name it.

One item is particularly useful...the whistle...because once the party gets going, you have to find a way to get their attention.

Enjoy this kicks off any party in a spirited fashion!.

Join the Party with a FREE Wine Tasting Kit