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$30 Wine Tasting Party Kit. Free!

Dear Wine Lover,

9. Who would ask you to buy 9 wines? Like aren't wines sold by the 12's or even 6's? True. But I can't give away our complete Wine Tasting Party Kit if you buy 12 wines, the kit won't fit in the box!!! So, I made it 9. Buy any 9 wines from the list below at the already reduced reorder price...and receive our incredible Wine Tasting Party Kit...FREE (I won't tell if you give it as a gift, $30 in our catalog!)  

Ever thought about hosting a wine tasting party at home? Like a real official one. Bagging the wines, using score cards, talking about the wines? 

A FREE Wine Tasting Party KitIt would be hard to start from scratch...I researched a dozen wine tasting party kits; most of them sucked. Except this one. This has everything and was the only wine tasting gift set with a whistle...why do you care? Because like all wine tastings, they tend to loosen up pretty fast...and getting eveyone's attention isn't easy.


I will give you one of these great wine tasting gift sets...FREE...for doing nothing more than ordering (9) of your favorite wines. I was going to ask you to buy (12) but I can't fit (12) bottles and the kit in the same box! But I can fit (9) bottles and the kit in one box! So...(9) it is.

This is a great wine tasting home party kit, a great offer and may just solve one of your gift giving dilemmas.

Pick from this selection of wines from our current inventory.