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Real Merlot. $5.99

Paul tasting the $5.99 Lapis LunaDear Member,

Merlot is one of the noble grapes of the world. Grown virtually everywhere wine is made, it produces wines of great complexity and depth. Less acidic than its cousin Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot ages quicker and is more approachable when young. 

Here is a perfectly aged Merlot. No extra charge for aging it at the winery.

Why in the movie Sideways it received such denigration, I don't understand. And what does some Hollywood playwright understand about it anyway?

Folks, this is a great wine. When I go to the market and see what they sell for even $10.99 and compare that to this wine at $5.99, there is no comparison. After all, that is why I taste 300 wines a month…just to compare. This wine comes out on top. In fact, at $15/bottle (as shown for sale on the web), I would be happy with the value.

I am down to 223 cases as of now. Take advantage of this great price and great wine while it lasts.

Here is a listing from one of those wine searching sites:

A price comparison on Lapis Luna from a wine search site


Paul Tasting the $5.99 Lapis Luna Merlot.