Zaca Mesa Sale

Dear Wine Lover,

Syrah is grown throughout the world…one of the most prolific wine grapes.

Virtually every major wine district in the world grows Syrah (Shiraz in Australia) and virtually every district in California grows Syrah…but few grow it like Santa Ynez.

The Central Coast has emerged as an appellation that grows Syrah as distinctively Syrah…meaning rough around the edges, loaded with blueberries and a drying finish begging for robust barbecued steaks.

And Zaca Mesa is no stranger to vinting Syrah to maximize it grit and muscle. This example is not for the faint of heart and if you open a bottle expecting a delicate, understated wine...STOP!

But if you want to chew on a wine and extol its virtues...uncork away!.

Enjoy with your favorite cut of beef off the BBq.