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9 Gifts That Are Lifesavers for Young Newlyweds
10/5/18 Bustle
"The Wine of the Month Club lets them try new wines each month, and is perfect for the couple that ends each day together with a glass of red (or white).”

18 Subscription Boxes That Make Great Birthday Gifts
9/26/18 BuzzFeed
"Wine of the Month Club, if you'd love to pick out a fine wine for your friend at the local corner shop but have no idea where to start.”

Third Annual Monrovia Station Beer Wine & Music Festival
9/15/18 Monrovia Weekly
"Wines brought to you by the Original Wine of the Month Club.”

Wine of the Month Club® Proudly Announces New Wine Course
9/10/18 SFGate
Says Paul Kalemkiarian, "Our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Wine makes learning so easy, allowing us to reach people who are curious about wine from the ease and comfort of their email inbox.”

Let’s Try to Rosé This Day Away!
7/23/18 Élite Magazine
Rosé is so wildly popular right now…for those really looking for a bargain, Paul Kalemkiarian of the Wine of the Month Club recommends Chalk Hill Rosé.

Wine of the Month Club at Colorado Street Bridge Party
7/14/18 Pasadena Heritage
"We had a great time pouring and celebrating with Pasadena Heritage at the Colorado Bridge Street Party.”

9 Awesome Wine Clubs That Won't Cost You a Freakin' Fortune
6/1/18 Greatist
There are also tons of specialty options, including rosé-only subscriptions, a delicious Bordeaux series, and a high-end Pinot collection. For an added personal touch, second-generation owner Paul Kalemkiarian—his father basically invented this whole wine club concept—selects all the wine himself and offers something for every palate.

Valentine Wine & Chocolate Pairings from The Original Wine of the Month Club’s Paul Kalemkiarian
2/10/18 Chron
The more intense your chocolate is –80% and up– the more intense your wine should be. Save the sweet and fruity for the white chocolate, and a more complex red, such as a nice Cabernet Sauvignon, for super dark chocolate.

Valentine's Day Wine And Chocolate Suggestions
2/3/18 KCAL TV
The Wine of the Month Club [2nd-generation cellarmaster] Paul Kalemkiarian stops by the KCAL9 studio to show us some great wine and chocolate pairings for Valentine's Day.

Monrovia Chamber Announces Annual Awards Recipients
12/23/17 Monrovia Weekly
Capping off the year, Paul was honored by the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce for his charitable and community endeavors.

Master Wine Sommelier Declares Wine of the Month Club the Best in Gift Memberships for the Holidays
12/15/17 Daily Telescope
Wine of the Month Club praised by Elizabeth Schweitzer (one of only 149 Master Sommeliers in the World): “I have personally experienced the high-level of integrity that Paul puts into selecting the wines for his members. And the variety is astounding considering the price.”

The Original Wine of the Month Club Announces New Additions to Club Offerings
12/9/17 Money
The Original Wine of the Month Club’s New Specialty Wine Clubs include two region-specific clubs, Napa Valley and Bordeaux, and two varietal clubs, Rosé and Pinot Noir.

Not Sure What To Take To Holiday Dinner Party? Here Are Some Wine Suggestions
11/12/17 CBS LA
Paul talks with Amy Johnson at CBS Los Angeles about wines to bring to holiday occasions.

Best Gifts For Wine Lovers
11/8/17 Ask Men
Featured as a great gift for wine lovers, Wine of the Month Club, says Ask Men, “curates damn good wine.”

Which Wine Club Is Right for You?
2/17/17 San Francisco Chronicle
Wine of the Month Club tops the San Francisco Chronicle’s list.

Wine Selections That Are Low On Calories
1/14/17 CBS LA
Paul stops by our local Los Angeles CBS affiliate to discuss low-calorie wine options.

5 Wine & Spirits Gifts Suited for Any Season
12/9/16 Just Luxe
Wine of the Month Club featured.

6 Wine & Spirits Gifts Suited for Any Season
11/30/16 Ocean Home
Wine of the Month Club featured.

Veckans fråga: Syran i vinet bildar kristaller > Question of the week: The acid in the wine forms crystals
When you hold a bottle upside down you can sometimes find small crystals... These crystals are absolutely not dangerous. [translated article]

The Original Wine Of The Month Club In Vintage Form Despite Legions Of Imitators
12/28/15 Vino-Sphere
I’m a sucker for surprises, especially with wine. Receiving two new wines each month, learning about them and (especially) quaffing them is a fun idea for yourself or as a gift. If you are interested in a wine club – here’s the granddaddy of them all.

An Updated Guide To The Best Wine Clubs
6/25/15 Forbes
If you want to explore wine and taste selections from a range of regions, joining a wine club is a terrifically convenient way to do those things...

Local Vintage: Keeping spirits up since 1972
9/12/14 Los Angeles Register
After 42 years of handpicking quality wines for value-conscious customers, the country’s oldest mail-order wine of the month club continues to succeed by bucking tradition...

High Quality, Low Budget »
2014 Showcase Directory Streaming Media
Wine of the Month Club delivers more than just bottles, as it relies on video to get its message out...

Wine of the Month Club: Quality wines at affordable prices »
4/19/14 Pasadena Star
Paul Kalemkiarian Jr. knows a thing or two about wine. And he enjoys sharing that knowledge with customers through his Wine of the Month Club while also bringing them quality wines at affordable prices...

See what Consumer Reports says about the Wine of the Month Club »
10/1/13 Consumer Reports

#1 Wine Club for Wine Bloggers »
We searched. We read. We interviewed. And as a new service to our members and customers we have and are constantly adding to a group of wine bloggers who we think get it…..Get it in the sense of what wine should be about and practice that "about" in their approach to wine. Enjoy some of our interviews with these quality bloggers.

What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been! The Amazing Story of America's First and Original Wine of the Month Club, Right From the Horse's Mouth
9/3/10 Grape Encounters Radio
This week, David visits with Paul Kalemkiarian Jr., President of the original Wine of the Month Club, which was founded by his father, Paul Sr., back in 1972. This imaginative adventure spawned literally thousands of wine clubs throughout the world...

An Embarrassment of Wining...I mean Riches...
8/12/10 Goddess of Wine
I don't know about the rest of you, but the first wine club I belonged to was the original Wine of the Month Club. It was such a new idea to me - someone would send me wines every month and include educational information about the wines...

Chardonnay, Chateau Montelena, "Bottle Shock," wines-of-the-month? It's all good!
8/6/10 Wine Examiner
The Original Wine of the Month Club® has partnered with Zin Haze Productions to commemorate the achievements of Chateau Montelena—a family-owned and operated Napa Valley winery that put California wines on the map in 1976 by claiming the prestigious “Judgment of Paris” prize for best tasting wine...

NPR Interview: Wine of the Month Club
7/28/10 Wine Seeker's Guide to Livermore Valley
Tom Wilmer and Paul Kalemkiarian Jr. discuss the history of the club, Paul's wine tasting process, and more...

Live From RMC: How to Be a Social Media Superstar
5/27/10 MultiChannel Merchant
If you want to build a following using social media, don't try to sell on Facebook and Twitter--just be yourself...

Private Label Wines
March/April 2010 Great Taste Magazine
The notion of house wines, which used to be that they were somewhat inferior, has drastically changed in recent years. A unique addition to your wine list...

Wine Gadget Gift Ideas
12/08/2009 ABC's The View from the Bay
What's worthwhile vs. what's overkill. Fun gift ideas for every price range...

Stamps of Authenticity (PDF file, 3.9 MB)
11/23/2009 Los Angeles Business Journal
Original Wine of the Month Club looks to expands its mail-order service as new rivals enter the business...

Di-vine Inspiration: Love wine? Join the club — run by Monrovia businessman (PDF file, 1 MB)
11/21/2009 Pasadena Star-News
For Paul Kalemkiarian Jr., wine is a complex and mysterious thing. And therein lies the appeal...

Booze on a Budget: two great wines, guaranteed, for $19.95 a month
11/10/2009 The Orange County Register
I’m sure some of you know the scenario: you’re at the winery, you’ve had a few too many tastes, and the subject of joining their wine club comes up. As you drain your glass you’re thinking, “What the heck? This is tasting pretty darned good!”...

The Original Wine of the Month Club? Only a Bottle Away in Monrovia
9/3/2009 LA Weekly
Kalemkiarian is the second generation owner of The Original Wine of the Month Club in Arcadia. Since 1972, the family-run company has offered a wine of the month club through their wine shop by the same name in Monrovia...

Wine Crush Interview with Paul (MP3 file)
9/2/2009 Wine Crush Radio Show
We have the daddy of all wine clubs (on our show today), Paul Kalemkiarian. There are so many wine clubs out there that do a disservice to the general public... and taint the service of what you people do...

How I Made It: The Time Was Ripe For A Wine Club
8/23/2009 Los Angeles Times
Pioneer: Paul Kalemkiarian, Sr. founded the Wine of the Month Club in 1972, just as the California wine industry was maturing. He got to know many of the winemakers who eventually made places like Napa and Sonoma household names...
If you are interested in a fair use copy of the article, please contact Paul at 800-949-9463.

Wine Taster Shares Some Secrets
8/13/2009 Northern California Wine Examiner
Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr, has one of the world’s best, albeit sensitive, jobs: tasting and rating about 400 wines a month. He runs the Wine of the Month Club...

The Original Wine of the Month Club in a Nutshell
7/8/2009 Lifestyle: Food and Wine
I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Wine of the Month Club, Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr. Wine of the Month Club is one of the oldest, if not the original mail order wine delivering service establishments in the country...

Wine of the Month Club: A Great Value for Any Budget
8/19/2007 Associated
The Wine of the Month Club is a great little club that definitely caters to its members...