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1973-11 November Classic Newsletter

November 1973 Selection of Imported Wine


Two miles north of Piesport and seven miles south of Bernkastler, off the slate-marbled banks of Germany's Mosel River, rests the wine community of Wintrich. Of this area's total production of 1 million bottles of Mosel in 1971, 25% came from the vineyard of Pauly-Killburg, as did our selection this month. According to German Wine Law, this wine is classed "Qualitatswein" mit Pra¬dikat", which means that no sugar is added to it and that it must "naturally" be 9 1/2 to 10% alcohol. This "Kato¬inett" (meaning the basic grade of "Qualitatswein") is made from the varietal riesling and enjoys a delicate balance between its sugar and acidity. However, as with all "Kabinetts" produced in outstanding years (1971 Most outstanding!) its nose is truly unique consisting of a flowery bouquet. Serve slightly chilled, and enjoy this exceptional Mosel with light meats and light sauces. Just delightful for a luncheon. $3.59 per fifth

November 1973 Selection of California Wine


The Inglenook story dates back to 1879 when a Fin¬nish sea captain by the name of Gustave Niebaum set out to build a wine making operation of his own that would rival the best of those in Europe. He established Inglenook, in a nook in the Napa Valley foothills, loc¬ated at Rutherford about 70 miles north of San Fran¬cisco. One of his famous plantings was the Charbono grape. Charbono is a proprietary of Ingenook and no other winery produces this varietal wine. Charbono is estate bottled, vintage dated, and produced and bottled by In¬glenook. Charbono is a full bodied, velvety dry, deep red table wine, with a rich robust flavor and characteristic aroma of the charbono grape of Piedmont ancestory. Rare in America, and fully aged in the cask, it goes best with steaks and heavier meats. Most red wine should be opened 15-20 minutes prior to serving and served at room temperature. $4.50 per fifth


This year in making recommendations, a large number of popular wines are excluded either because they have gone over our arbitrary price maximum, OR they are virtually unavailable on the market. It should also be noted that the following wines were generally available for under $4.00 per bottle (fifth) at press time, but some may be higher in certain areas of the country. One asterisk (*) indicates that the wine will improve with bottle aging for 6 months to a year; (**) to 2 years; (***) more than 2 years.



B & G Vouvray France
Barre Freres Muscadet de Sevre et
Maine, 1971 France
Folonari Soave Italy
Hugel Gewurtztraminer France
Jos. Meyer Pinot d'Alsace France
Kaiserstuhl Johannisberg Riesling Australia
Lenz Moser Edelfraulein (Muskat- Austria Ottonel)
L'Huitriere → Muscadet France
Lindeman Ben Ean Moselle Australia
Louis Jadot Beaujolais Blanc, 1970-71 France
Madrigal Bernkastler Riesling, 1971 Germany
Mirafiore Soave Italy
Monimpex Tokaji Szamordoni (dry) Hungary
Monsieur Henri Vouvray France
Petrurbani Orvieto Italy
Ricasoli → Soave Italy
Schmitz Erdener Treppchen
Spätlese, 1971 Germany
Torelli Verdicchio dei Castelli de Jesi Italy


Armand Roux Medoc, 1969 *** France
Beccaro Barolo, 1964 *** Italy
Bersano → Barbera *** Italy Chianti ***
Brolio Chianti Classico *** Italy
Caslinho, Caves Ovro Velho *** Portugal de Casolinho
Chateau de Pizay → Beaujolais France
Cruse → Bordeaux Rouge *** France
Kaiserstuhl Cabernet Sauvignon *** Australia
Marcel Servin Montee de Tonnerre. 1970 *** France
Marquis de Riscal → Alta Rioja *** Spain
Monimpex Egri Bikaver *** Seekszari Voros ** Hungary
Monmousseau Chinon * France
Nozzole Chianti Classico *** Italy
Ricasoli → Bardolino **
Chianti *** Italy
→ Valpolicella **
Sichel Cotes du Rhone, 1969*** France
Torres → Gran Coronas, Gran
Reserve** Spain
Vimipex Cabernet *** Taminaca ** Bulgaria



Almaden Sauvignon Blanc
Beaulieu → Chardonnay **
→ Johannisberg Riesling
Buena Vista Chardonnay *
Beringer → Fumé Blanc
→ Chardonnay *
Concannon → Sauvignon Blanc *
Charles Krug → Chenin Blanc
→ Chardonnay *
Christian Brothers Pineau de la Loire
→ Chardonnay *
Inglenook → White Pinot *
Mirassou → Chenin Blanc
(Sylvaner) → Monterey Riesling
Paul Masson → Emerald Dry Riesling
Robert Mondavi → Fumé Blanc
Sebastiani → Sylvaner Riesling
Wente → Sauvignon Blanc


Almaden → Grenoir
Beaulieu → Cabernet Sauvignon ***
Buena Vista Zinfandel *
Beringer → Cabernet Sauvignon **
Concannon → Petite Sirah *
Charles Krug → Zinfandel *
Christian Brothers Zinfandel *
→ Pinot Noir *
Pinot St. George ***
Gallo → Hearty Burgundy
Inglenook → Charbono ***
→ Zinfandel **
Italian Swiss Colony → Zinfandel
Mirassou → Gamay Beaujolais
Paul Masson → Baroque
Robert Mondavi → Gamay
Sebastiani → Cabernet Sauvignon ***
→ Barbera ***
Weibel Zinfandel *
→ Cabernet Sauvignon **
Wente Bros. → Pinot Noir ***
Petite Sirah *