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1973-12 December Classic Newsletter

December 1973 Selection of Imported Wine


From Jerez, Spain, we bring you a heart warming sherry for the holidays. Jerez is situated in the South west corner of Spain, where the weather is ideal for the slow and unique mellowing by the Solera process.

Pedro Domecq Lembeye, a French aristocrat, whose family had moved to Spain, established the House of Domecq in 1730. A pioneer in scientific viticulture, he made the Domecq Firm the first Bodega in Jerez.

The Pedro Domecq brand, well known for its Fundador Brandy, produces a delightful cream sherry named Celebra¬tion. Velvety and exceptionally smooth, it has the classical amber color of a fine sherry. Served after dinner as a des¬sert wine, it will crown your meal, with a lingering exper-ience. Best served at room temperature in sherry glasses. $5.26 per fifth

December 1973 Selection of California Wine


To celebrate the New Year, and our 40th year operation, Palos Verdes Liquor & Spice Shop brings you a new champagne. We have called it Chateau Malaga. It is made by the famous Weibel Champagne Vineyards and bottled ex¬clusively for us by their subsidiary Pacific Champagne Cellars.

The Weibel family came from Switzerland in the late 1930's and have been producing some of California's finest champagnes ever since. They have consistently won gold medals in National, as well as International competition. The winery is now headed by Fred E. Weibel, Sr. and the founder Rudolf E. Weibel's grandson Fred E. Weibel, Jr. The winery is located in the rolling foothills of Santa Clara Valley overlooking the Southern end of San Francisco Bay.

The yeast for Chateau Malaga has been developed over the years by the Weibel family. French Colombard and Palomino grapes grown in the Ncrth Coast are used in pre¬paring it by the charmat process. The result is a medium dry champagne of pleasing taste and character. A Happy New Year to all. $4. 29 per fifth


Our allocation by the winery this year for Hanzell Pinot Noir 1969 was reduced to three cases. We are taking orders now for 2 bottles per person of this vintage. First come, first served. Please call and reserve yours. We have not received the shipment but are told it is forth coming. It is priced at $9. 50 per fifth. (Last years allocation of ten cases is nearly all gone. We still have about twenty bottles. (1968) Those of you who did not purchase any last year or wish to lay a couple more down, can still order two bottles per person (as the supply lasts.)

Stop by and see our new line of stackable wine racks in modular units. Made of wood, and finished in a dark brown distressed look. They are really the best we have seen, and very reasonable in price.

Recent additions to our wine book library are listed below: We made an exceptional bulk purchase, and can offer them at the reduced prices shown.

R00343. THE PLEASURES OF WINE. By Myra Waldo. With 6 mops. The wines of the world - their nature, usage, manufacture, alcoholic content, value in food, vintage charts, etc., delightfully explained by a famous gourmet. Orig. Pub. at $3.95. $2.98

032848. A GUIDE TO GOOD WINE. Revised Edition. 58 Photos, numerous woodcuts, maps and line drawings. The meth-ods of wine making from the gathering of grapes to the pulling of the cork; the various types, their regions and characteristics, vintage information, etc. presented by noted experts. $1.98

R01447. HOW TO CHOOSE AND ENJOY WINE. Ed. by A. Muir. Illus. Selecting the right wine, vintage and value, decanting and serving, etc., clearly explained by experts to enhance your wine-drinking pleasure. $2.98

K05688. International Wines, & Food Society's Guide to THE COMMONSENSE OF WINE. By Andre Simon. Intro. By Andre Maur is. All you need to know, for beginners or connoisseurs; comprehensive useful information arranged in easy question and answer format on varieties vintages, relation to food, methods of serving and keeping, glasses, etc. Orig. Pub. at $10.00. $4.98

N09423. THE FRENCH WINES. By G. Ray. Illus., with maps. Tr. from French, Rev. Characteristic s of hundreds of varieties, priceless champagnes to vins ordinaire, how to identify best vintages, etc. - perfect guide for both experienced taster and those mysti¬fied by restaurant wine lists. Orig. Pub. at $3.95. $2.98

A charming decor and storage unit for wine, is the WINE HARNESS.
It is a wall hanging, made of antiqued leather with straps for holding wine bottles. The latigo leather is beautiful hand crafted and tooled with a grape motif or harness motif. The unit comes in 3,4,6, or 12, bottle styles. They would make a beautiful addition to a den decor. We have them on display in the shop. Stop by and see them. Christmas shopping is here!