2006-07 July 2006 Newsletter

July 2006 Newsletter

Wines evaluated last month: 163 Rejected: 123 Approved: 40 Selected: 6

Being the month we celebrate our country's independence, we took the liberty of offering two domestic selections for the month of July. Delicious and interesting, both are sure to please both your palate and your budget.

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, King Fish, California

The legendary King Fish may be elusive, but this great wine at such a reasonable price will be easy to catch. Creative, lighthearted and made for everyday consumption, King Fish will become a staple on your table and in your cellar.
2004 Sauvignon Blanc, Coppola, Napa, California
I know. I can't believe it either. A Francis Ford Coppola wine in the Regular Series? It isn't what you know, it's who you know! I am so honored and excited to show this great Sauvignon Blanc. This is truly a friend of a friend type transaction. Take advantage of it!
2003 Chardonnay, Tin Pony, Sonoma-Green Valley, California

Made from one of the most distinguished winemaking families in California, the Sterling family at Iron Horse Vineyards makes this distinct Chardonnay. This wine highlights the most distinctive appellation in Sonoma County called Green Valley. Enjoy it as often as possible!
2003 Merlot, Monticello, Napa, California "Small winery, big reputation, great price." The Corley family grows and produces exclusive Napa Valley wines. Wine & Spirits named the Corley Merlot one of America's Top Ten. We think that you will agree.

Domestic Selection

If you have ever been fishing, then you have probably heard a few "fish stories" about the 'one that got away' or the ones that were so huge they could not be reeled in, etc. Well, King Fish wines offer no fish tales – just great wine. But, of course there is the legend about the old man and the vineyard, and the King Fish he supposedly caught then returned to the water surrounding the vineyards and named his next wine after his adventure.... King Fish wines are fun, unique and offer premium California wine at everyday low prices The grapes are sourced from the world's most diverse single vineyard property, San Bernabe. San Bernabe is located within the Monterey Viticultural Area, a few miles inland from Monterey Bay, in the Central Coast of California. It sits on the southwest side of the Salinas River at the base of the Santa Lucia Mountains, in the central portion of the Salinas Valley. The San Bernabe Vineyard covers almost 20 square miles, for a total of 12,600 acres. With this much expanse, naturally the soil types will vary; loamy, sandy loam, clay, Oceano, and Garey offer the grapevines excellent drainage. San Bernabe is neither as cold as Salinas, nor as hot as Paso Robles. San Bernabe Vineyard is located in what is known as "the sweet spot" in Monterey County. The winemaking team believes in land conservancy and has founded the Natural Vineyard Team, which encourages growing native crops, harboring beneficial insects, and using organic practices as much as possible. Bill Petrovic is the vineyard manager and he says,"San Bernabe is a nature conservatory of its own. Always changing, San Bernabe allows us to experience nature's full cycle each year, reaffirming that nature is omnipotent." This delicious Cabernet Sauvignon shows a brilliant, purple red color from the glass. The nose is friendly with blackberry, black¬currant and cinnamon spice. The palate is dry, medium-bodied and silky smooth with flavors of currant jam, plums and chocolate. The finish lingers with cedary oak. Enjoy this wine with our mixed sausage recipe on page 13. It is also a great match with Spaghetti Bolognese or Beef Wellington.
King Fish
Cabernet Sauvignon

(ka-bur-nay saw veehn-yawn)
Intense, purple red
Nose: Black currants, spices, black plums, cedar
Palate: Medium-bodied, refined tannins, spice, currant jam
Finish: Lengthy rich finish

Domestic Selection

In 1879, the Finnish explorer and adventurer, Gustave Niebaum searched Napa Valley for the perfect place for his wine estate. He wanted to make world-class wines. For decades his wines won acclaim and today are some of the unrivaled wines in American wine-making history. In the early 1970's, filmmaker, Francis Ford Coppola purchased 1,500 acres of the historic property and revived Captain Niebaum's winemaking tradition. By 1995, Coppola had purchased the whole estate. He restored the property and has maintained the high quality winemaking while advancing the winery to a state- of -the- art facility, museum and restaurant. The wines in the Diamond Collection are made with grapes which are sourced from vineyards in Chiles Valley and Yountville. Chiles Valley is a narrow appellation in the Vaca Mountains along the north¬east side of the Napa Valley covering 6,000 acres with about 1,000 acres of vines. Nestled in the "heart of the Napa Valley" on the eastern foot of the Mayacamas Mountains, Yountville enjoys the same growing conditions as Chiles; both appellations have cool mornings and evenings with warm days. The Chiles Valley adds notes of tropical fruit, figs, and pear while the slightly cooler Yountville grapes bring citrus and zesty acidity. Combined, these grapes make an outstanding Sauvignon Blanc. Corey Beck is the winemaker. He was born in the Napa Valley and comes from a family steeped in viticulture. His grandfather sold the family's grapes to Inglenook Winery in the late 1930's. His philosophy is simple: "Grow great grapes and you will make great wine." Clearly the grapes for this Sauvignon Blanc were great! The 2004 vintage offered a long, cool growing season and the quality is outstanding. All the grapes for this wine were fermented and aged in stainless steel. It pours a clear, light straw color with hints of lime from the glass. The nose is fresh and deep with ripe tangerine, pineapple, pears and figs. One sip and you will be hooked on the subtle melon and pineapple flavors laced with grapefruit and refreshing acidity. Pair it with some Thai food or pasta salad with feta cheese or chicken piccata for an unforgettable meal.
Sauvignon Blanc

(saw-veehn-yawn blah)
Napa Valley California
Light straw with hints of lime
Nose: Tropical fruit, pears, figs
Palate: Light bodied, grass, grapefruit, vibrant acidity
Finish: Lingering crisp finish

Limited Series Selection

Tin Pony represents a special lot of wine. Made with pride and care at Iron Horse Vineyards, these grapes were pulled out of the master blend to be bottled separately under its own label. It is called Tin Pony because it is the "little brother" to Iron Horse. The Iron Horse vineyards have earned a world-wide reputation for making some of the finest sparkling and still wines in California. Their concept is make estate bottled wines which show a definite "sense of place". The Sterling family feels bound to the Green Valley in Sonoma. The Green Valley is located just 13 miles from the Pacific Ocean in the western part of the valley. It is the smallest appellation in Sonoma County. The uniqueness of this place is evident not only in the climate and geography, but also in the grapes that are grown here. Fog is the main defining feature. Computerized mapping of fog patterns show that the fog in Green Valley brings longer, cooler morning temperatures than any other part of the Russian River. It is the first point and the last place where the fog burns off, making it the coolest and foggiest part of the Russian River. Green Valley does not have huge temperature swings from day to night, which also contributes to its character. The soil is called Gold Ridge and is valuable for its excellent drainage. It is very fine, beige, sandy, clay loam. This particular soil naturally stresses the vines and is also rich in minerals, which directly affects the grapes flavors. Green Valley Chardonnays have been compared with Burgundies from France; there is no other California Chardonnay quite like the ones from Green Valley. Tin Pony is a result of 13 different fermentation lots to achieve the perfect blend. It is a clear green-gold color. The nose is fresh and complex full of honeysuckle, green apple, lemon zest and nutmeg. The flavors are crisp and tangy green apple, tangerine, honey, mineral, toasty vanilla and butterscotch. Tin Pony is rich in flavor and creamy on the finish. Enjoy it with our Corn Chowder recipe on page 13 or with rainbow trout or lemon roasted chicken and jasmine rice.
Tin Pony

Sonoma, California
Light green-gold
Nose: Clean, fresh apple, lemon zest
Palate: Full-bodied, toasty vanilla, creamy peach
Finish: Lingering finish

Limited Series Selection

More than thirty years ago, Jay Corley came to Napa Valley with the intent of making world-class wines. Today, the Corley family is proud to have succeeded with this. Five small vineyard sites and many bottles later, the wines are superb and continue to achieve awards. Jay Corley's vision and the continuing mission at the winery is to be recognized as premier growers and producers. Their passion for quality makes it possible for them to only produce limited amounts of their wines. "We are confident that you will enjoy our wines and invite you to share them with friends and family as we also proudly do." -The Corley Family Jay Corley envisioned a family operation committed to his "sunshine to wine" philosophy. This philosophy starts at the initial selection of the vineyard sites, to the planting, framing, harvesting, fermenting and blending to the final un¬corking of the wine. Today, the family and winemaking team are devoted to the process. Each vineyard is selected for its special nuances and grape varietal. The family has a commit¬ment to details that is beyond measure. Each wine is hand-crafted from beginning to end. The Monticello Merlot was hand harvested and made with tender loving care from vineyard to bottle. In April of 2004, Oak Knoll formally became an American Viticultural Area. There are 3,500 acres under vine. It is located in the southern end of the Napa Valley. Its low elevation make it accessible to the cooling breezes and coastal fog from the San Pablo Bay which makes for a much longer and very much cooler growing season. True to form for cool climate Merlot, the Monticello Merlot is power-packed with bright fruit and intense flavors. The color is red with purple highlights. The nose assertively displays intense blueberries, red raspberry, roasted nuts, vanilla and red licorice. The palate is medium to full-bodied, soft, integrated tannins, sweet fruit flavors of dark berries, mocha, coffee, cedar and preserves. It is a mouthful of wine with a chewy, tannic finish. Great with steak and BBQ.
Monticello Vineyards

Napa – Oak Knoll California
Dark red
Nose: Black cherry, olive, vanilla, plum
Palate: Dry, smooth, black licorice, chocolate, cherries
Finish: Chewy lengthy finish