1974-05 May Classic Newsletter

May 1974 Selection of California Wine


Old world heritage dictated the decision for Parducci to produce this wine. A "May Wine" made in America is a rarity. The Parducci wine masters chose to introduce this tradition, and have come up with a winner in our opinion. In Austria, Germany, Hungary and Northern Italy, a special may wine is made for the spring festivals. Flavored with wood¬ruff herbs and served with fruit, it is sought in this country by those who know about it.

May wine will vary significantly from vintner to vintner, based upon his particular selection of herbs. Primavera has woodruff herbs and strawberry concentrate in just the right bal¬ance.

We agree with John Parducci, Primavera (which means spring) captures springtime in a bottle. Serve chilled, with light lunches and snacks. Dip a strawberry in the glass and serve with dessert.



May 1974 Selection of Imported Wine

CHATEAU LA MOULINE - 1970 - (Saint Julien)

We bring you this special buy from one of our well known importers, Dreyfus, Ashby and Company. The recent price drop of French wines has produced a good variety of offerings at sensible prices. More of these will follow in the future, we are sure.

A petite chateau from Haut Medoc, this St. Julien, Bord¬eaux wine shows its characteristic claret nature. Good color, attractive bouquet, and full body. A little harsh and young yet, but quite drinkable now. Should age well if you wish to lay some down. (Please let us know early, if you wish to do this; quantities are limited from the importer.) Serve at room temperature with red meats.

(Previous asking price $8.95) special buy at $4.85/fifth

New Items in stock

The first wine from a recently re-activated winery - Chateau Montelena - deserves a hand. Auslese Johannisberg Riesling 1972. (Napa and Alexander Valley) Early and heavy rainfall before the '72 harvest developed the heavy botritus not commonly seen in Cal¬ifornia. Delightful wine - well worth the price of $5.50/fifth.


From the Yakima Valley in the state of Washington - (unusual to run into anything but California for good wine), we bring you three varietals and two generics that passed our wine buy¬ing panel evaluation.

Chenin Blanc - St. Michelle - '72 $3.49/fifth
Johannisberg Riesling - St. Michelle - '72 $3.49/fifth
American Semillon - St. Michelle - '72 $2.75/fifth
Chablis - St. Michelle - N.V. $2.75/fifth
Burgundy - St. Michelle - N.V. $2.75/fifth

see page 200 of Nathan Chromans book - "The Treasury of Amer¬ican Wines" for the story of St. Michelle Vineyards. (Incid¬entally, this book is available for sale in our wine library.)


If you read the L.A. Times column by Nathan Chroman in the food section April 11, 1974, he spoke about the 'Nouveau" style wines. We have in stock, one of the four he mentioned.

Gamay Nouveau 1973 - Cuvaison - (Calistoga California) $3.75/fifth. The other three are sold out. We lave the article posted in our wine department if you are interested.

(Still available is some of the Beaujolais - St. Andre Nou¬veau 1973 by FIAT of Burgundy - France $3.69/fifth)


Cheese and wine is a way of life for the connoisseur. Just added to our inventory of cheeses are imported English Derby, Lancashire, Wensleydale, Caerphilly, Leicester, Double Gloucester, Imported French Belletoile spiced, Port Salut, Imported Dutch Edam balls, Gouda balls, Imported Swiss Gruyere, Imported Danish Samsoe, Blue, Imported Norwegian Primula, and the famous Domestic Rouge et Noir Brand by the Marin French Cheese Company of Brie, Camembert, and Breakfast.

Try some with the English "Biscuits for cheese" we stock. Divine!

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