1974-11 November Classic Newsletter

November 1974 Selection of California Wine


The Los Angeles Times Magazine annual issue on wine disclosed an august panel of experts. They classed the 1972 Johannisberg Riesling Auslese as No. 1 in its group. The 1972 vintage was sold out some time ago. We were able to obtain the 1973 vintage, and on comparing it, found that it was equally a champion.

The "auslese" phenomenon involves attack by the grape of the "noble rot" or "botrytis" which imparts to the wine the characteristic flavor that counterpart German wines are known for.

A beautiful, fruity, open, varietal nose, a good acid-sugar balance , a touch of bitter finish which is comple¬mentary, and a beautiful light color characterizes this vintage. Serve at cellar temperature as a sipping wine and with light meats, fowl or sea food. Let it linger. $5.50/fifth

November 1974 Selection of Imported Wine

CASTELLO di NIPOZZANO CHIANTI - 1968 - Frescobaldi

A recent evaluation of Italian Chianti's by a Newsday Panel in New York declared Castello di Nipozzano Chianti by Frescobaldi as the "Best Buy" of 10 Chianti's tasted. The price range of the wines they evaluated ran from $2.69 to $7.99. We special ordered this wine and tasted it ourselves. What a pleasant surprise! While Chianti's are considered a little trite, they are a definite style of wine from Tus¬cany.

The wine has a ruby red color, a full nose with wood, and a delightful, balanced bouquet, with round body and flavor. It's good drinking right now, although it could be aged for many years and will mellow even further. Ser¬ved best at room temperature with a hearty Italian meal.



(We have a limited availability of free posters showing a blow up of the label of this wine, if you have a yen for decorating.)

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November 21, 1974

...is the date for the next Les Amis du Vins Wine Tasting and Seminar. Richard H. Elwood, owner of Llords & Elwood Winery will be the guest speaker.

"Sparkling Wines" will be the topic for the day. Several famous French champagnes, including Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon and Taittinger Blancs de Blancs, will be tasted. Some of the CaliforniE champagnes that will be tasted include Schrambsberg Cremant and Hans Kornell Brut.

The event will be held at Beach Bum Berts in Redondo Beach. (7:30 mixer, 8:00 start).

Reservation forms are available at the shop. Stop by or phone for them.