1975-02 February Classic Selection

February 1975 Selection of California Wine


With the tremendous acceptance of our March 1974 Cabernet Sauvignon selection from Freemark Abbey, we are proud to introduce their 1969 Pinot Noir, this month. A well-aged varietal made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes exhibits the complexities and overtones of strawberries, carmel and smokiness. Quite a mouthful of expectancies.

This is one of only four wines that Freemark Abbey produces. It exhibits their standard of excellence. A fairly high alcohol, 13.3% and total acidity, .62., this wine was aged 18 months in 60 gallon French Nevers oak barrels.

While you would expect a varietal of this type to require a few years more of ageing in the bottle, we were surprised to notice a slightly brown color suggesting that it has already aged well in a relatively short time. It has had time to exhibit the mellowness of an aged burgundy and still show promise with more bottle ageing.

Serve at cellar temperature with red meats and for optimum bouquet, open about an hour before drinking.

$5.50/fifth -- $59.40/case

February 1975 Selection of Imported Wine


Cepa de Oro, is a pale chablis - type white wine from Spain with a distinctive butter-like flavor. It has low tannic and acid content, smooth and full bodied, ready to drink now.

This excellent Spanish white comes to us from the Rioja region, one of the finest in Spain. Bodegas Bilb¬ainas is located in the city of Haro at the uppermost part of Rioja and is considered one of the more prestigeous wineries. Bodegas is a term similar to chateau but also takes in the business and distribution offices as well. The Spanish have no laws governing the bottling of wines so you're pretty much on your own when buying. That's why it is a good idea to get acquainted with the better bodegas', in Spain.

When the phylloxera devastated the Bordeaux region in the 1880's, many of the French families moved south to the Rioja regions where the same old winemaking methods are still practiced today. Many of the reds and even some whites are aged for up to 10 years before they are released.

It is these fine old methods, produced by well known bodegas', that make many Spanish wines a truly fine buy.

$3.25/fifth -- $33.15/case

Spring Mountain comes to Palos Verdes Liquor and Spice.

We were particularly pleased that Michael Robbins announced us as one of his retail distributors. Most , of the 1972 wine is depleted on retailers shelves. We have at the present time,

Spring Mountain Sauvignon Blanc 1972 - $4.50

With new releases, this fall, we will be having a better representation of the Spring Mountain wines.

You, our readers, stunned us last month.

The reception of Bourgogne - 1962 - Bernard Roy was unbelievable. Our bins in the store for the wine of the month were empty by the 6th of the month. Fortunately we had held back the subscription list wines for delivery and did not run short on the basic subscription list. The excess wine that we normally purchase for selling off our floor was depleted by the few who tasted the wine early and came back for case quantities. We ended up going through 30 cases with no back stock available from our suppliers. There are 65 cases lying in the wholesalers vault in Texas somewhere which we cannot bring in because of various alco¬holic beverage control regulations inter-state.

It goes to show that we have discerning audiences with equally knowledgeable palates. To say the least, we were pleased in many ways.

If you have been reading about TRENTADUE WINERY, we are happy to announce that we were selected as a retail distributor for this new winery of Geyserville, California. We will be showing their

-Chenin Blanc $2.75
-Jaune Vin (Semillon) $2.50
-Carignane $2.75
-Zinfandel $3.50
-Cabernet Sauvignon $5.25

Trentadue owns 150 acres in the Geyserville area; most of the varietals are made from 100% of the named grape. They age most of their wines in 50 gallon oak barrels, and no artificial clarification is used. An interesting winery to watch. As of press time, we have not personally evaluated their wines, put the reports are glowing.