1975-04 April Classic Newsletter

April 1975 Selection of California Wine


Nestled along Highway 29 in the Napa Valley between Louis Martini and Heitz Cellars is Sutter Home, the oldest original winery in California. It was founded and built by John Sutter and his son Albert in 1890. Their original structure is still standing and serves as their tasting room.

According to the Sunset book on wine, Sutter Home's house specialty is their vintage dated Zin¬fandel. You will find this an understatement after tasting this month's selection. From the moment you pour this dark, richly-colored wine into your glass, you will see that this Zinfandel is special. The thick, lush color assures long bottle aging and full body. The aromatic, fruity bouquet is almost as delightful as the flavor which is nearly unmatched when sampling the finest California Zinfandels. This bottle will age exceptionally well but is excellent even now.

We are quite proud to bring you this extraordin¬ary wine as this month's selection. Open about an hour before serving!

Serve with robust foods.

$3.85/fifth - $41.58/case

April 1975 Selection of Imported Wine


On the sun-scorched island of Sicily off the tip of the Italian boot sits the winery which produces this months selection. Villagrande's vineyard is planted on the steep slopes of Mount Etna, two thousand feet above sea level. It is one of the smaller wineries or Sicily which. surprisingly, has almost the same equivalent of wine output as the entire state of Calif¬ornia, over 240 million gallons yearly.

Under a Sicilian law passed in 1966 only 32 wine types may carry the Sicilian "Q" mark of quality of the Regione Siciliana. This Villagrande Etna Bianco is one of those wines. It has aptly been officially recognized as superior because of its golden color, complex charm, rich dryness and unique, perfume nose. It's fine flavor is very reminiscent of the highly acclaimed French and California Chardonnay's. Cert¬ainly a tantalizing buy at $3.79. Serve chilled with fish, fowl or even pork and lamb.

$3.79/fifth - $40.93/case

April 9, 1975

...is the date for the next Les Amis du Vin Wine Tasting and Seminar. Nathan Chroman, wine enthusiast, will be the guest speaker. Mr. Chroman is an attorney, who for more than two decades has made the study and tasting of wine more than an avocation. His credentials are impeccable: He contributes to a wine column for the Los Angeles Times; he teaches a course in wine history and appreciation at U.C.L.A. Extension: he is chairman of the wine-judging committee for the Los Angeles County Fair: he buys the wine for the noted Hollywood restaurant Scandia: and he is a contributing editor to Wine World magazine.

"1970 Clarets" will be the topic for the day. Three first growths, three second growths, a third growth, a fourth growth, and a fifth growth will be tasted and compared. They include:

Chateau Mouton - Rothschild, Chateau Haut Brion, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Durforts - Vivens, Chateau Brane - Cantenac, Chateau Cos d Estournel, Chateau Palmer, Chat¬eau La Tour - Carnet, Chateau Belegrave.

The event will be held at Galley West Restaurant - Marineland of the Pacific. (Aperitif - 7:30, Tasting -8:00 p.m. promptly)

Reservation forms are available at the shop; stop by or phone for them.

Ever seen an Imperial?

We are featuring on display in our store. Chateau Cos D' Estournel 1970, a superb second growth from St. Estephe in the Imperial size bottle. An imperial is the equivalent of 8 bottles of the fifths. It's for a rather large, to say the least, dinner party of 6 people or so. It comes attractively boxed in a handsome wood crate. An original gift idea for the wine collector who has a cellar. (This wine will also be tasted at the Les Amis du Vin tasting on April 9 but fifths will be used.)