1975-06 June Classic Newsletter

June 1975 Selection of California Wine


About five miles north of Napa, along the historical Silver-ado Trail, one can find the new Clos Du Val winery.

In this southern part of Napa Valley, the beautiful new building sits within eyesight of its promising new vineyards. There, a shallow soil and temperate climate constitute ideal conditions for the production of premium red wines. Above these vineyards an old stone building, dug into the Napa hillside, provides additional storage. Dominique Portet and Bernard Portet, two brothers oper¬ate the winery. They are the sons of Mr. Portet, one of the wine makers at Chateau Lafite.

Clos Du Val crushed its first grapes in 1972 under the dir¬ection of Bernard Portet, who dedicates his skills to only two varietals - Cabernet and Zinfandel.

This Cabernet is made in the classic Medoc tradition, care¬fully blending premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. This combination gives a deep rich color, subtle, complex nose, and round mellow taste. Although it will age quite will, the fine blending makes this Cabernet smooth enough to drink now. We are very pleased to present this most outstanding wine.

$5.97/fifth $64.48/case

June 1975 Selection of Imported Wine


In German, Liebfraumilch, which is certainly one of the most universally known wine names, simply means, "Milk of the Blessed Mother." Most Liebfraumilch, like this Rosegarden, comes from the Rhinehesse area which produces a vast amount of wine, 13 million gallons per year. Since German wine, up until recently, was unclassified, it was difficult to tell how good a wine was from the label. After a 1971 law, however, all German wine labeled "qualitatswein" is considered to be one of the better estate bottled wines. Rosegarden is so designated.

The Weingarten, or winery, is located in one of the better known townships of the Rhinehesse called Burgen, situated at the mouth of the river Nahe where it joins the Rhine.

Our selection is all that a Liebfraumilch should be. Light and very fruity with a touch of sweetness. Serve with cheese, fruit or for a light lunch. It is a buy compared to other brands.

$2.29/fifth $24.73/case

Did you know we ship anywhere in California?

Whether it's one bottle or 12, mix or match, we see to it that your select¬ion arrives safely and quickly to its destination. Since we have such a vast selection of wines from small wineries, its a good bet you'll find something that isn't readily available in most stores. So, if you want to send something out of the area that is in short supply or hard to find, give us a call, chances are we have it or can get it.

The Wine Register

For a more organized way of preserving your tasting notes, we highly recommend the Wine Register. This is a handsomely bound loose-leaf note book with index tabs dividing all the dif-ferent types of wine, like Dinner-Red, Dinner-White, Appetizer, etc. Each page is separated for notes on color, aroma, taste, vintage, supplier, and is very useful for recalling previous impressions of a wine. Stop by the store and take a look at our Wine Register, only $9.95.

Want to Build a Wine Cellar?

We have reprints of articles and pamphlets from various sources about building your own wine cellar. These were collected and filed by us for the reference use of our customers.

Using an existing room or building one from scratch is a great family project and a rewarding one, too. Stop in for a chat, the information is free for the asking.

If you wish to buy a ready made wine cellar, we have those too! Our wine shop is the agency for a couple of "ready to move in" wine cellar manufacturers. Literature is available.

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