1975-08 August Classic Newsletter

August 1975 selection of California wine

GAMAY - BEAUJOLAIS 1974, The Monterey Vineyard

One of the newest, and eventually the biggest winery in California, Monterey Vineyard, introduced their five wines to a sell-out dinner and tasting at the world famous Four Seasons restaurant in New York. The reception was overwhelming with this Beaujolais being one of the biggest favorites.

Noted wine authority Robert Balzer praises it highly with a 16.1/20 rating, and adds, "Exceptionally fresh, with almost a cherry scent and taste. The complex of the grape's clonal relationship to the Pinot Noir is evident in the aroma and after¬taste. Light wine to enjoy young as it is now."

It has a predominance of fruit, a vibrant young colour, as it should.

This wine will complement a light supper or a summer lunch just handsomely. Serve with light red meats.

A good value at $3.00/fifth

August 1975 selection of Imported wine

VALLE VERMIGLIA, Frascati, 1971.

Frascati is one of the most famous of wines grown in the Castelli Romani district of Italy, just southeast of Rome.

Most good Frascati, like this Valle Vermiglia, have a clear, golden colour, so much so that, it is said, a lover of Frascati wines should be able to recognize his wine without even tasting it. There is more fiction than fact to this tale; however, the wine does exhibit a deep golden color which accounts for its strength and character.

Frascati wines are generally higher in alcoholic content than most Castelli wines, making them suitable for further bottle ageing.

Valle Vermiglia is dry, firm and masculine, and yet fragrant An interesting change of pace.

We are particularly pleased to offer you this wine at an exclusive sale price. It regularly sells for $3.45 however a special buy from the importer allows us to sell it at an unbelievable price of $2.10/fifth.

Thursday August 14, 1975

...is the date for the next Les Amis du Vin Wine Tasting and Seminar. Robert Borrelli, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd , and Chapter Director of Les Amis du Vin,Pomona Valley College Chapter will be the guest speaker.

Zinfandels will be the topic for the day.The wines will include: David Bruce, Trentadue, Montevina, Buena Vista, Sutter Home, Ridge, Clos du Val, Fetzer.

The event will be held at the San Pedro Elks Club Lodge. 1748 Cumbre Drive. San Pedro. (Aperitif at 7:30, Tasting at 8:00 p.m. promptly)

Reservation forms are available at the shop. Stop by or phone tor them.

Wine Sale No. 2

We tasted over 99 bottles of wine (or was it a 100?) in order to ascertain their value for our WIVE SALE No. 2, currently in progress. Each wine was tested, not once, but several times, for quality and value. We found some good wines that were not possible to feature because they were too expensive for their quality. Of the eighteen that did pass, you'll find good wine and exceptional buys.

The reisling is a very pleasant light wine. The Pouilly-Fuisse, a classic at any price, is a steal at $5.23. The Chateau Ripeau is a very big Bordeaux with excellent flavor and tannin, and the sautern is a "real sleeper", very fruity, yet dry, with good body and flavor. This is just a sample of the wines offered on sale. Stop by, pick a bottle each of the ones that interest you, try them, and then stock up for everyday drinking. We only have a limited quantity of each wine, and some quantities are more limited than others.

You will find that most of the prices are less than jug table wine prices. WINE SALE No 2 in progress now!

The 1972 Bordeaux's are slowly arriving

We have received the following well known chateaus, and they are priced at much better prices than the 1971's.

Chateau Petrus (Pomerol) $14.49/fifth
Chateau Palmer (Margaux) $10.35/fifth
Chateau Beychevelle (St. Julien) $ 6.91/fifth
Chateau Trotanoy (Pomerol) $ 6.91/fifth

Some recent 1971 arrivals are:

Chateau Palmer (Margaux) $13.36/fifth
Chateau Trotanoy (Pomerol) $10.93/fifth