1975-09 September Classic Newsletter

September 1975 Selection of California Wine


Imagine, two white Zinfandels in three months. This one however, is quite a bit different than the July Mon¬tevina selection.

Oeil de Perdrix, in French, means "eye of the partridge". It was used to describe the color of certain wines made from black grapes, most often champagnes. The old term has its charm, and it means a very pale pink and bronze color to the wine. This Sutter Home White Zinfandel has this classic color, very similar to the Montevina. That's where the similarity ends.

Our selection is a semi-sweet, full bodied aperitif wine that will compliment a meal, either before or after. A very interesting Zinfandel aroma and bouquet. This wine has seen no wood, and has a beautiful play on the palate. Certainly a delightful change.

$3.25/fifth $35.10/case

September 1975 Selection of Imported Wine


This is the first of what will hopefully be an influx of premium quality wines from South Africa. Unknown to many, South Africa has been producing excellent grapes for generations that until recently were used mostly for blend¬ing by some of the better European wineries.

The Paarl valley is located in Cape Province and gen¬erally considered one of the best cape districts for viti¬culture. Pinotage is a unique grape variety developed from crossing Hermitage and Pinot Noir. It exhibits a deep Pinot Noir varietal color with a fine nose and robust flavor. The body is surprisingly full, and the character of the wine indicates some ageing potential. Ageing in oak casks gives this Pinotage a character comparable to many of the better French and California Burgundies. All this at a most reason¬able price.

$3.19/fifth $34.45/case

Wine Guides

If you're wondering what the "experts" think of the latest wines, you'll find our growing list of wine reports most interesting. We keep a file of Robert Finigan's Pri¬vate Guide to Wines, Robert Lawrence Balzer's Private Guide to food & wine, Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine, California Critic, and John Movius Wine Scene. It's also fun to compare your notes with these reports.

We have a small reading rack in our wine room for per¬using these issues. Stop by any time and USE the library.

The day has come

Yes it has, when the premium wine makers of California have decided to enter the jug market.

This was predicted by us; and here it is, (with the underlying reason of the soft grape market and the excess¬ive inventories). Instead of reducing the price of their premium wines, the vintners have chosen to put better grapes into jug wines and compete for quality with the giants who often only stay in that field.

Heading the way is Robert Mondavi Winery with their:

Red Table Wine - $2.19/fifth-- $3.89/Magnum
White Table Wine - $2.19/fifth -- $3.89/Magnum

both are excellent everyday wines with good body and flavor. (In magnums the price of the fifth is reduced to $1.95/fifth. A real buy for what it is.)

Fetzer Mendocino Premium Red $1.95/fifth

This one was discovered by our Wine Evaluation Panel - A quality generic, with good body and flavor of the claret style.


Our annual glassware, barware and giftware sale is in progress during the month of September at the shop. A good portion of our regular inventory in these categories is red¬uced from 25% to 50%. Here is an opportunity to add a set of good wine glasses for everyday use or for starting and augmenting your fine Seneca glass handbloom crystal. Many gift type items and wine books are included and allow you to make some buys as future gifts (like Christmas, you know!).

Thursday October 2, 1975

...is the date for the next Les Amis du Vin Wine Tasting & Seminar. Gerald Asher, President of Monterey Bay Company, will be the guest speaker.

Beaujolais will be the topic for the day. We will taste and evaluate four French Beaujolais and four California Beaujolais. Listen to Mr. Ashers explanation of the wines and the California "Beaujolais," "Camay," and "Pinot Noir" confusion.

Mr. Gerald Asher was born and educated in England. Trained in the wine trade in France, Germany and Spain, he was, until 1970,Managing Director of Asher, Storey & Co. in London - specialists in rare and lesser known French wines. In England he is well known both as a wine merchant and as a writer and lecturer on wine. His articles have appeared in the London Times, Guardian, English House and Garden, and Punch among others. He has appeared on special wine programs on both British and French television, and has broadcast frequently in both countries. He came to live in the U.S. in 1971 and until 1974 was Vice-President of Austin, Nichols & Co. Inc. of New York. He is the regular wine columnist of Gourmet Magazine and has been seen on U.S. television nationally, as well as heard frequently on New York and other local radio stations. He is one of the few non-Frenchmen to act as an official wine judge for competitions in France, and in June 1974 was decorated with the In¬signia of the Merite Agricole by the French Government for services to French agriculture.

Aperitif will be served at 7:30. Tasting at 8:00 p.m. promptly. Reservation forms will be available at the shop-stop by or phone for them.

1st Anniversary of Les Amis du Vin Tasting Recap

For those of you who attended the 1st anniversary Les Amis du Vin tasting on August 14th, we hope you enjoyed it and will sign up for the next one. A detailed summary is being prepared by the guest speaker Dr. Robert Borrelli and the program chairman, Ed Masciana. Preliminary results show that the Ridge Lytton Springs 1973 was the big favor¬ite. While many thought it too young, which it is, it still exhibited the big fruity character of Ridge and of what most wine lovers consider the Zinfandel taste. Sutter Home, Clos du Val, Trentadue and the still unreleased Chateau Montelena also did well. The big event of the evening was the David Bruce Late Harvest Essence. A deep, very full, port-like flavor which would make an excellent after dinner desert wine. We extend a special thank you to Robert Borrelli for sharing his expertise with us and for helping make this first anniversary tasting a very special treat.

We invite you to come in and try one of these great Zin¬fandels. We are pleased to announce that we have most of them in stock.

"Wine of the Month" PROGRAM--- REGISTER NOW!

– for a fun way of discovering new wines each month. – We select one domestic and one imported wine and feature it in our wine shop. – We send you a bottle of each selection monthly. – We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background. – We restrict our selections to the popular price range, not to exceed $10.00 for the two bottles of wine each month.

If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections. (cut here)

Please send me the domestic and imported selection each month.

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