1976-04 April Classic Newsletter

April 1976 Selection of California Wine


Louis M. Martini worked for several vintners in California before ultimately settling in St. Helena to fulfill his am­bition of making fine wines. It was here in the heart of the Napa Valley that his winery was built in 1933. By the time of his death in the early 70's Martini had gained the reputation of being"the grand old man"of the wine industry. Many new­comers to the valley after the end of prohibition sought his expert help and advice in beginning their own winemaking ven­tures. The senior Martini was succeeded by his son, Louis P. Martini, who now quite ably heads the operation.

Early in the 1960's the Martini's acquired additional vine­yard acreage in this area that their merlot largely comes. The merlot has for centuries been used as a blending grape in the great wines of Bordeaux, and to a lesser extent here in Califor­nia to soften big Cabernet Sauvignon's. It is rarely found pro­duced as a varietal wine.

Louis Martini's Merlot proves that the grape does indeed posess some merit all of its own. It is a soft, light bodied wine, with a surprising amount of fruitiness. Try it at room temperature with red meats, or with cheese.

$3.50/fifth $37.80/case

April 1976 Selection of Imported Wine


The Barossa Valley is some thirty miles to the north-east of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It follows the Para River for nearly twenty miles and is Australia's most fam­ous, and largest, quality wine producing district. This area was first settled by the Germans who have been largely respons­ible for producing its fine riesling type wines. The valley has a co-operative at Nuriootpa which sells its wines under the name of Kaiser Stuhl.

The Kaiser Stuhl Late Picking Frontignan is a 100% var­ietal wine of limited production. Due to the late harvesting of the grapes this wine has a slight residual sweetness. It is at its best served chilled with dessert or snacks. Explore the wines from down-under and make your own tasting evaluation notes.

$2.99/fifth $32.30/case


A project that has been postponed for some time is being started with this issue. We intend to publish a catalog of all the wines we carry. Here is the beginning of the catalog, listing the Cal­ifornia wines we have in stock in the specified types. 10% discount on case quantities, mix and match with any wine we stock except sale wines.


Cresta Blanca n.v. $3.00
Christian Brothers n.v. 2.85
Silverado Cellars n.v. 2.80
Montcalm Vintners 1972 1.96
Montevina 1974 Nuevo 2.50
Paul Masson n.v. 2.49
Almaden n.v. 2.25
Beringer n.v. 2.79
Charles Krug 1972 2.75
Chateau Montelena 1973 4.95
Robert Mondavi 1973 4.50
Sutter Home 1972 4.25
Sutter Home - White Zinfandel 3.25
Sutter Home 1973 3.75
Oakville 1972 3.75
Oakville 1973 3.75
David Bruce 1972 3.85
David Bruce 1971 Late Harvest 7.50
David Bruce 1971 Late Harvest Essence 9.00
Clos Duval 1973 4.85
Ridge 1972 Lodi 3.75
Ridge 1973 Lytton Springs 4.75
Trentadue 1971 3.49
J. Pedroncelli 1972 2.50
Buena Vista 1972 2.95
Souverain 1972 3.25
Louis Martini 1971 3.00
Mirassou 1971 3.25
Parducci 1972 3.00
Burgess Cellars 1972 4.25
Sebastiani 1973 2.29
Simi 1972 3.25
Inglenook 1972 2.50


Charles Krug 1970 2.25
Weibel n.v. 1.99


Robert Mondavi 1972 $4.50
Ridge York Creek 1973 5.50
Burgess Cellars 1972 4.50
Parducci 1971 3.50
Concannon 1972 3.50
Mirassou 1972 3.50
Cresta Blanca n.v. 3.00
Wente Bros. 1972 2.75
Montcalm 1972 1.96
Fetzer 1973 3.75


Almaden n.v. $1.89
Buena Vista 1969 2.75
Concannon n.v. 2.25
Louis Martini n.v. 2.75
St. Michelle n 2.75
Sebastiani Mtn. Burgundy n.v. 1.65
Beringer n.v. 1.99
Christian Brothers n.v. 2.15
Simi n.v. 2.25
Charles Krug 1971 2.25
Beaulieu 1972 2.60
Parducci 1969 2.40
Burgess Cellars 1972 3.00
Foppiano n.v. 2.49


Paul Masson n.v. $2.09
Simi n.v. 2.25
Parducci 1972 2.40
Sonoma n.v. 2.29
Concannon n.v. 2.25
Weibel n.v. 1.99
Mirassou 1974 2.75
Charles Krug n.v. 2.25
St. Michelle n.v. 2.75
Louis Martini n.v. 2.25
Beaulieu 1974 2.60
Wente n.v. 1.99

In case of typographical error A.B.C. posted prices prevail. Revised 3/76.


Christian Brothers n.v. $2.15
Pineau de la Loire, Ch. Bros. n.v. 4.00
Louis Martini 1973 2.75
Stonegate 1973 3.75
Sebastiani 1975 2.29
Mirassou 1974 3.25
Beringer n.v. 2.75
Simi 1973 3.00
Trentadue 1971 2.75
St. Michelle 1972 2.95
J. Pedroncelli 1974 2.50
Paul Masson n.v. 2.75
Almaden n.v. 2.25
Paul Masson n.v. 3.00
Monterey 1974 2.75
Burgess Cellars 1973 3.60
Pritchard Hill 1973 3.00
Wente n.v. 2.50
Charles Krug n.v. 2.75
Robert Mondavi 1975 3.00
Callaway 1974 3.75
Callaway 1973 Harvested Late 15.00


Charles Krug White Pinot n.v. $2.75
Wente Bros. Pinot Blanc 1973 2.75
Chateau St. Jean Pinot Blanc 1974 4.75
Dry Creek Fume Blanc 1973 3.95
Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc 1974 4.50
Spring Mtn. Sauvignon Blanc 1973 4.50
Oakville Sauvignon Blanc 1973 3.00
Oakville Sauvignon Fleur 1973 3.25
Beaulieu Chateau Sauv. Blanc n.v. 3.50
Chateau Wente 1973 2.75
Wente Bros. Sauvignon Blanc 1973 2.75
Callaway Sauvignon Blanc Dry 1974 4.50
Stonegate Sauvignon Blanc 1973 3.75
Almaden Blanc Fume n.v. 2.89
Concannon Sauvignon Blanc 1972 3.50

"Wine of the Month" PROGRAM


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We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background.
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If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections.

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