1976-07 July Classic Newsletter

July 1976 Selection of California Wine


Perhaps the loveliest and most historic vineyard in Livermore Valley is Cresta Blanca. It was founded by journalist Charles Wetmore, who purchased a 480 acre parcel of pasture for $200 and planted it to vines. It was called Cresta Blanca after the white crested cliff above. The winery saw several sub­sequent owners and its fame waxed and waned. Some of its wines however, were truly legendary. Ultimately it was purchased by Guild Wine Company who is striving to restore its former glory. The winery today actually has two locations, one in Mendocino, where the bulk of its wines are made.

The Muscato di Canelli is one of a multiplicity of subvarieties of the Muscat grape. Most of these var­ieties share an unmistakable Muscat odor and flavor.

This Cresta Blanca Muscato di Canelli is light in color and body. The Muscat character which is fre­quently quite bold, is subdued in this wine. It is pleasant and refreshing, but due to some sweetness it should be served with a chilled summer entree or des­sert. A perfect warm weather wine.


July 1976 Selection of Imported Wine


The Cote-de-Nuits is the northernmost of the two main sections of the Cote d' Or of Burgundy. The area derives its name from Nuits-Saint-Georges, its principal town. The rich soils found in this area, coupled with good shelter and maximum sunshine, prod­uce some truly remarkable wines, most of which are red.

The wines from the Cote-de-Nuits generally age well and are characterized by a particularly marked scent. These wines express with more intensity than almost any others the sappy richness which the Pinot Noir can attain. Even though there is considerable variation in the wines coming from this area, the whole group has a family likeness.

A wine labeled as Cote-de-Nuits-Villages is a reg­ional Burgundy and is almost always a blend. Bouchard Freres aptly expresses the features which characterize the wines of this region. Sip and savor with almost any dish or enjoy by itself with cheese.



We continue our listing of all the wines we carry. Later vintages of some of the wines will automatically replace Published vintage years as stocks are depleted. If you like a particular vintage, we suggest you stock up. We never know what vintage our next shipment will be. Larry Wardzala, assistant wine manager, Hank Leitz, store manager, and Paul Kalemkiarian, wine manager, are available for consultation at Your convenience. Just call.

10% discount on case quantities, mix and match with any wine we stock except sale wines.


Cockburns No. 85 Dry Club -- $6.49
Dow's Boardroom -- 9.98
Sandeman Tawny -- 5.25
Cockburns Aldouro -- 5.99
Cockburns Special Reserve -- 8.40
Harveys Directors Bin -- 13.99
Cockburns No. 30 Fine White - 4.99
Sandeman Porto Branco - 5.23
Guedes 1937 Vintage - 10.95
Guedes 1940 Vintage - 9.95
Guedes 1944 Vintage - 8.75


Weibel Solera Cask - $2.69
Llords & Elwood Ancient Proverb - 3.50
Cresta Blanca Souzao - 2.70
Richert & Sons Tawny - 3.55
Beaulieu - 2.50
Christian Brothers Tawny - 2.10
Paul Masson Rick Ruby - 2.09
Ficklin Tinta - 4.60
Christian Brothers Treasure - 2.35
Charles Krug Tinta -2.29
Almaden Tinta Tawny - 1.99


Harveys Bristol Cream - $8.40
Harveys Bristol Milk - 7.49
Sandeman Cream - 4.79
Sandeman Armada Cream - 7.98
Don Francisco Cream - 4.67
Pedro Domecq Cream - 5.26
Magigal Jerez Cream - 4.49
Pedro Domecq Oloroso - 4.66
Pedro Domecq La Ina - 5.69
Harveys Bristol Fino - 7.49
Harveys Tico - 4.99
Dry Sack - 5.65
Tio Pepe - 5.95
Pedro Domecq Guitar - 4.50
Magigal Amontillado Fino - 4.29


Cresta Blanca Fin de Nuit - $2.70
Meiers No. 44 Cream - 3.03
Cresta Blanca Triple Cream - 2.70
Christian Brothers Dry - 2.10
Almaden Cream - 1.99
Llords & Elwood Judges Secret- 3.50
Paul Masson Golden - 2.09
Inglenook Vintage Cream - 2.29
Charles Krug Cream - 2.25
Beaulieu Cream - 2.50
Llords & Elwood Dry Wit - 3.50
Richert & Sons Triple Cream - 3.55
Paul Masson Cocktail - 2.09
Christian Brothers Meloso Cream- 4.00
Almaden Cocktail - 1.99
Taylor New York - 2.45
Christian Brothers Cocktail - 2.35
Charles Krug - 2.25
Almaden Flor Fino - 1.99
Beaulieu - 2.50
Llords & Elwood Great Day - 3.50
Cresta Blanca Dry Watch - 2.70
Paul Masson Pale Dry - 2.09


Findlaters Rainwater - $5.75
Cossart No. 26 - 5.65
Cossart No. 92 Crown Bual - 7.99
Crown Barbeito - 7.11
Welsh Bros. Dry Sercial - 2.99
Welsh Bros. Bual - 2.99
Welsh Bros. Sweet Malmsey - 2.99
Welsh Bros. Rainwater - 2.99


Rallo Dry - $3.19
Florio Dry - 3.85


Novitiate - $2.69
Beaulieu - 2.75
Concannon - 3.25

In case of typographical error A.B.C. posted prices prevail. Revised 3/76.

The sixth offering of a contin­uing course in "The Art of Enjoying Wine" starts on July 14, 1976 at the Palos Verdes Community Art Assoc­iation.

The class meets on alternate Wed­nesdays at 7:30 p.m. for a 5 session course. The topic this semester is "California White Wines," which en­tails a discussion and tasting eval­uation of wines like Pinot Chardonnay, Johannisberg Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Green Hungarian, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chablis

The class is restricted to 28 participants and is held in the gall­ery of the Art Association where art and wine have blended well in the last 5 courses. Lectures on the various aspects of wine, like service, stor­age, meal matching, and wine lore are interspersed with evaluations of rep­resentative wines from each area of the wine spectrum.

If you have always wanted to learn more about wine, whether you are a newcomer, or already a student, this is a good chance to participate in a non competitive class that is offered locally for your enjoyment.

Particulars about the class may be obtained from the Palos Verdes Community Arts Association office at: 5504 W. Crestridge Rd., Rancho Palos Verdes, or by phoning 541-2479. A brochure of the course is also avail­able at the shop.

"Wine of the Month" PROGRAM


– for a fun way of discovering new wines each month. We select one domestic and one imported wine and feature it in our wine shop. We send you a bottle of each selection monthly. We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background. We restrict our selections to the popular price range, not to exceed $10.00 for the two bottles of wine each month.

If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections.

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Please send me the domestic and imported selection each month.

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