1976-10 October Classic Newsletter

October 1976 Selection of California Wine


In a secluded arm of the lovely Redwood Valley are the Fetzer vine­yards and winery. Bernard and Kathleen Fetzer bought the picturesque property in 1957. The Fetzer's soon set about replanting many acres with premium varietals such as the Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are aged in select Nevers oak casks from Bordeaux, which impart a subtle European flavor.

The cabernet sauvignon is the grape which is responsible for most of the great Chateau wines of France. It has been cultivated in the Bor­deaux region of France for hundreds of years, and has transplanted well to California where it produces some truly fine wines.

This Fetzer Cabernet is a big wine with deep color. The promise of good things to come in the nose if fulfilled in the mouth with an expan­sive, fruity, well balanced wine. A gorgeous wine at a very palatable price. Try this one with red meat, lamb, or accompanied by a fine cheese.

$4.50/fifth $48.60/case

October 1976 Selection of Imported Wine


South of the border seems to be an unlikely place for a winery let alone a probable place for vineyards. Both are found however near the seaport town of Ensenada, in Baja California. The vineyards are found in a number of small valleys in the surrounding hills. American born winemaker, Demitri Tchelischeff, carefully tends the winemaking process at the Bodegas de Santo Tomas.

The Chenin Blanc grape, has been traced to the Loire Valley of France where it is planted extensively and produces fine light, fruity wines. Chenin Blanc cuttings were transplanted to the Napa Valley and from there to the Santo Tomas vineyards.

This Santo Tomas Chenin Blanc is drier than those usually encountered in California. It has a light color and possesses a somewhat subdued varietal character which expands after some time in the glass. Try it chilled with light meats, fish or foul.

$2.99/fifth $32.29/case


Our buying excursions for this sale turned up a predominance of whites, so we decided to feature a "white sale". While the few reds and roses should certainly not be overlooked, our offering of whites is much greater than usual. Every wine offered is personally tasted and evaluated by our wine managers for value versus quality. You can buy them confidently as sound wines in their class from 23% to 60% off the original prices. Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up.

Was Sale Price

GRACHER HIMMELREICH Kabinet $4.49 $2.19/fifth (German white-Mosel-vonSchorlemer) 1970 $38.28/case A lovely riesling from one of Germany's foremost wine regions. Light and mildly spicy with a pleasant finish. A truly fantastic buy

Was Sale Price

BLANC DE PECHEUR $3.15 $2.35/fifth (Bordeaux white-Entre deux mers-Borie-Manoux $28.20/case 1973 A light but very flowery wine. A somewhat subdued nose but a body just filled with subtle nuances. Ideal sea food wine.

GRACHER HIMMELREICH $5.35 $3.99/fifth Riesling (German white-Mosel-Rudolf Muller) $47.88/case Kabinet 1973 It hails from one of Germany's finest winegrowing regions. Very soft and fruity. Good color and body with an absolutely lovely finish. A splendid buy.

BURGUNDY Los Amigos $1.89 $0.99/fifth (California red) $11.88/case This California Burgundy is a sound red wine at an unbelievably low price. You really have to try this one to decide for yourself. A limited supply.

WEHLENER SONNENUHR $5.35 $3.99/fifth Riesling (German white-Mosel-Rudolf Muller) $47.88/case Kabinet 1974 A delicate yet assertive riesling from one of Germany's fine vineyard regions. Pale golden color with good body and finish. An excellent value.

CHATEAU LE TUQUET $3.69 $2.99/fifth (Bordeaux red - Graves-Caves Desiree) 1970 $35.88/case A petite Chateaux of Graves. Its wines are sound and quite typical of this region. Dry, fruity; somewhat delicate. Outstanding buy.

HATTENHEIMER SCHUTZENHAUS $3.39 $2.49/fifth (German white-Rheingau-Hans Lang) 1970 $29.88/case Beautiful golden color with a good body and finish. Typical of the wines of the Rheingau. Made even more pleasing by its low price.

CHATEAU CARUEL $3.75 $2.75/fifth (Bordeaux red-Cotes du Bourg) 1970 $33.00/case Fruity, smooth claret, ready to drink now. Was still available from our wholesalers after our last sale.

WINFELER HASENSPRUNG Kabinet $3.79 $2.19/fifth (German white-Rheingau-J.H.Winfel) 1970 $26.28/case A pleasant nose introduces a remarkably well balanced wine. Crisp and clean. Trying this one is a must at this most attractive price.

CHATEAU NEUF DU PAPE $6.50 $3.85/fifth (Rhone red-Comte Liger-Belair) 1973 $46.20/case Deep red color and full nose. Fragrant. Full body with zest. Terrific buy.

BANDA DORADA $2.35 $1.75/fifth (Spanish white-Rioja-F. Paternina) n.v. $21.00/case A pleasant wine from Spain's foremost dry wine region. Light, dry, and somewhat reminiscent of the Sauvignon Blanc of California. Featured in one of our earlier wine sales but, available once again. A steal!

VINA VIAL $4.29 $3.15/fifth (Spanish red- Rioja-F. Paternina) 1968 $37.80/case Has smoothed out and mellowed. Shows good age complexities. Velvety. Try it, you will be surprised.

PINOT CHARDONNAY $3.99 $2.35/fifth Premier Empire (Burgundy white-Macon-Pierre Duchene) 1974 $28.20/case A Pinot Chardonnay from the Macon district of Burgundy. A remark‑ ably well balanced wine at a price that is just impossible to beat.

MARQUES. DEL LAGAR $1.59 $0.89/10th (Spanish red-Rioja) 1969 $21.36/case 24 Good quaffing wine. Light, fruity, pleasant with some age. A bargain.

POUILLY VINSELLES $5.99 $2.69/fifth (Southern Burgundy white-Bouchard Pere & Fils)1972 $32.28/case We offered the 1973 vintage of this wine a few sales back, and it was an instant success at $4.39. We can now offer you the 1972 at an even better price.

FEUER-ROSE $3.99 $2.49/fifth (German rose-Rheinhessen-St. Johannis) n.v. $29.88/case A German Weissherbst rose. Rarely seen in the U.S. and therefore not known and appreciated. Typical light salmon color, one would not expect such a big wine. A true delight.

VOUVRAY Andre Noimer $3.95 $2.95/fifth (Louire white-Pierre Duchene) 1975 $35.40/case This is a typical Vouvray with just that slight hint of sweetness. Equal to those which usually sell for twice the price. Don't miss this one.

GRENACHE ROSE Los Amigos $1.89 $1.09/fifth (California rose) n.v. $13.08/case A trace of tartness that is pleasing. A good sound quaffing wine at an unbelievably low price. Try this for sure!

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The Palos Verdes Peninsula Chapter of Les Amis du Vin is joining with the Manhattan Beach Chapter to co-sponsor 4 wine seminars this fall. In addition to the August tasting of the newly-released (1975) German wines, and the September Italian wines, the fall sched­ule is as follows:

Friday, Oct. 27. BORDEAUX's 1st & 2nd growths of 1970 vin­tage. With the prices return­ing to reasonable levels, and plenty of 70's left to buy, come find your favorite to stock your cellar.

Friday, Nov. 19. CALIF­ORNIA CHARDONNAY'S, the white wines that have been beating the French.

December No seminar plan­ned.

All these tastings will be held at the Plush Horse Inn, located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Palos Verdes Boulevard.

If you are not a member of Les Amis du Vin, the Peninsula Chapter welcomes you to come to these seminars and see what they are all about. All of these will be sit-down wine tastings with multiple wine glasses to permit easy compar­ison of the wines under the leadership of a visiting expert. Contact Al Hausrath, 375-8428 or the shop, 375-5116 for fur­ther information.