1977-01 January Classic Newsletter

January 1977 Selection of California Wine


Fu Jin comes to us from the California House Wine Company which is also known as the Angelo Papagni Winery. The winery is located at Madera, in the San Joaquin Valley, and has been in operation only since 1973. Critics continue to express surprise at the fine wines which have come out of this area; a region which has not been assoc­iated with premium wine production since before repeal.

Fu Jin was created in response to requests from oriental rest­auranteurs for a wine from California to accompany oriental cusine. Fu Jin is a blended wine but is made predominantly from Chenin Blanc grapes and could most likely be labeled as such. The Chenin Blanc came to California from the Loire Valley in France where it is grown extensively.

This Fu Jin from California House is produced as a semi dry wine and displays good Chenin Blanc characteristics. It goes well with oriental food as it was intended, but is also an excellent companion for fish, fowl and light meats. A very versatile wine at a modest price.

$2.49/fifth $26.89/case

January 1977 Selection of Imported Wine


Chateau Cantenac Brown is located in the Cantenac-Margaux area of the Medoc in Bordeaux, France. The chateau itself dates back to the sixteenth century but the name itself is more recent. For centuries it was simply chateau de Cantenac until 1826 when it was purchased by John L. Brown, who added his own name. The chateau was classified as a third growth in the Bordeaux classification of 1855; a position which it well deserves to this day.

The wine of Chateau Cantenac Brown is produced from about 70% Cab­ernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc; the remaining 30% being Merlot. Production is quite small, and rarely exceeds 7,000 cases per year.

This 1972 Cantenac Brown has the typical breed and finesse of its district. Garnet red, with a lovely nose, and a smooth finish. Serve at room temperature with red meats. A terrific buy.

$5.99/fifth $64.69/case

Wine Cellar Lockers

Another first in the South Bay by Palos Verdes Wines & Spirits.

Wine lockers, temperature controlled between 45-50 F, are now available for rent on an annual basis. Each locker holds at least 10 cases of wine and is available as of January 1, 1977 for our cust­omers.

An old vault in our build­ing was converted to a wine cellar. The temperature con­trol equipment was installed outside its 12 inch brick, walls. The electric power, the space, and cost of construction was fed into a com­puter and the figure of 360 per case, per month, emerged as the magic number. This ex­tends out to $43.20 rental per year for our 10 case modules of lockers.

Three shelves are in each vertical module and ten stan­dard wine case cartons fit perfectly in each locker. In fact there is plenty of room to spare, and a row of bott­les will fit here and there in between the partitions and the cases. Each locker will have its own hardware for sec­uring it with padlock which the customer must furnish and hold the key exclusively.

Access to the lockers will be available daily from:

2:30 pm. to 8:30 pm. Weekdays 9:30 am. to 8:30 pm. Saturday 10:30 am. to 7:30 pm. Sundays

Please call 375-5116 if you are interested in this additional "Cellarmaster" Ser­vice.


The question we are asked more than any other, in our shop is "What wine shall I serve with ______________"?

A complex question: One that involves personal tastes, budget, availability, and with a meal involving several cou­rses, do you wish to serve more than one wine?

There are some basic prin­ciples to observe, in making partners of wine and food, but no rules that can't be broken.

If you are going to serve only one wine with a meal, then select your wine to match your main course.

If you are having more than one wine with a meal, then in your menu, place a dry wine before a sweet wine, a white wine before a red wine, a young wine before an aged wine, and a lesser wine before a great wine. If you plan a cheese course in a fine din­ner, reserve the better red wine for it, or serve the same wine served with the meat.

There are some basic in­compatibilities between wine and some foods. These should be avoided.

Salads with vinegar based dressings are not harmonious with most any wine. In a classical meal, no wine acc­ompanies the salad course. However, mayonnaise based mild dressings, particularly with shrimp, chicken or meat salads are compatible with a chilled wine.

Heavy garlic, strong spices, curry, chili, choco­late, all are not compatible with good wine. Serve a wine which does not demand atten­tion itself. With curry, try a Gewurtztraminer.



Cockburns 1963 - $13.03
Delaforce 1960 - $13.03
Quinta do Noval - 1960 - $15.30
Rebello Valente - 1963 - $12.27
Rebello Valente - 1960 - $14.03


Morandel Ruster 1973
Beeren Auslese - $12.50
Trockenbeeren Auslese - $22.50


Chateau Lynch Bages '67 - $20.50

Les Amis du Vin cont.


We will be conducting small, informal, self-finan­ced screening tastings prior to many of the events to help in the final selection of wines. Please send me your name on the attached coupon, if you would like to be on our phone list as a potential sipper or helper.


Al, please add my name and phone number to your list of potential sippers for your Sip and Screen events.

Name _____________________________ Phone _____________________________ I would like to help with the _______________________ event. Mail to: Al Hausrath 2741 Palos Verdes Dr. No. Palos Verdes Est., Ca. 90274 We select one domestic and one imported wine and feature it in our wine shop. We send you a bottle of each selection monthly. We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background. We restrict our selections to the popular price range, not to exceed $10.00 for the two bottles of wine each month. If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections. (cut here) Please send me the domestic and imported selection each month. NAME PHONE STREET CITY AND ZIP CODE □ Charge my regular account at your shop. □ Charge my Bank of America card #___________________ Expiration date of card __________________ □ Charge my Master Charge card #_____________________ Expiration date of card __________________ Date_____________Signature____________________ Mail to: "WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB" CELLARMASTER SELECTIONS Palos Verder Wines & Spirits 77 MALAGA COVE PLAZA PALOS VERDES ESTATES, CALIFORNIA 90274