1977-03 March Classic Newsletter

March 1977 Selection of American Wine


From Oregon, 30 miles west of Portland, comes this remarkable new wine. Nestled in the green foothills overlooking Wilamette Valley, this winery was started in 1972 and bottled its first wine in spring of 1976. We tasted and we were surprised. We immediately approved the White Riesling for our Wine of the Month Program. The Tualatin name comes from a local Indian word meaning "gentle or easy flowing" referring to a small nearby river.

Bill Malkmus, a San Francisco businessman, and Bill Fuller, enologist, started Tualatin Vineyards. (Bill Fullers background includes nine years as chief chemist and in charge of wine production at Louis M. Martini in Napa Valley.) They were looking for a new viticulture region, a relatively cool region, where premium grapes would ripen, but with some struggle, to produce wine with all the varietal character and complexity that the fruit can provide.

The wine is a soft, balanced, medium dry, with a pleasant varietal character that will linger in your mouth. Charming wine as an aperitif or to accompany lunches, seafood salads, or creamed seafood dishes.

$3.95/fifth $42.66/case

March 1977 Selection of Imported Wine


From one of the nine villages of Beaujolais dis­tinguished enough to have their own Crus "Appell­ation" comes this outstanding example. Brouilly red wines are fresher and fruitier than other Beaujolais with an especially pleasant and flowery bouquet.

Clifton Fadiman and Sam Aaron, in their book "Joys of Wine" declare their favorite Brouilly comes from La Chaize. A 17th century Chateau built by the nephew of Louis XIV Confessor, still stands beautifully preserved on the vineyards. Last year it celebrated its Tricentennial, and saluted the U.S.A. by a special bottling for our Bicentennial.

Deep red color, with a full varietal nose; the taste is fruity and com­plex, because of the one year of bottle ageing. It has a lingering taste. Drink now and enjoy through the summer as a picnic wine.

$4.95/fifth $53.46/case

Here are this months finds. Every wine offered is personally tasted and evaluated by our wine managers for value versus qual­ity. Don't let the burgundy get away from you! REG. SALE


Clos Des Varoilles 1er Cru. 1969 Tenth $4.39 $3.39 Magnum $16.69 $12.29


Green Seal Qualitatswein 1972 Fifth $5.19 $3.89


Havemeyer 1969 Tenth $2.49 $1.49


Armand Roux 1971 Tenth $2.75 $1.89


Bouchard Freres 1970 Fifth $5.95 $3.49


(Beaujolais -Red)Sichel 1970 Fifth $5.59 $3.89


(Beaujolais-Red) Siche11970 Fifth $5.29 $3.35


(Spanish-Red) Paternina 1968 Fifth $4.29 $3.15


Les Amis Du Vin selection 1973 Magnum $6.19 $5.09


Wine lockers, temperature con­trolled between 53 -60 F. are now available for our customers, for rent on an annual basis. Each locker holds at least 10 cases of wine. The cost is 36¢ per case per month, which extends out to $43.20 rental per year for our 10 case module of lockers.

Three shelves are in each ver­tical module, and ten standard wine case cartons fit perfectly in each locker. Each locker has its own hardware for securing it with a padlock which the customer must furnish and hold the key exclusively.

Access to the lockers is avail­able daily from:

2:30 pm to 8:30 pm weekdays 9:30 am to 8:30 pm Saturday 10:30 am to 7:30 pm sunday

Please call 375-5116 if you are interested in this additional "Cellarmaster" Service


PRICHARD HILL CHENIN BLANC 1975 A truly fine Chenin Blanc in the trad­ition of Prichard Hill wine. Only $2.75/fifth

CHAPPELET JOHANNISBERG RIESLING 1974 A remarkable Johannisberg Riesling grown overlooking the Napa Valley. An outstanding wine at $4.50/fifth

ANGELO PAPAGNI MUSCAT ALEXANDRIA n.v. Not what you would think! A surpri­singly dry Muscat with a whisp of sweetness. Exciting at $2.50/fifth

FRANCISCAN CHABLIS 1974 In the trad­ition and footstep of the very pop­ular Burgundy comes this modest priced Chablis ... $2.30/fifth

FRANCISCAN NAPA VALLEY BURGUNDY Cask 315. Gold medal winner at L.A.) County Fair. $2.30/fifth


While the old Petite Sirahs stole the show for most of the 80 Les Amis du Vin members and guests at the January Seminar, the '74's showed great promise to match the smoothness of their predecessors.

The highest score was for the Concannon '65 in magnum, a wine that shows the real cap­ability of P.S. The Parducci '72 (that won our Sip and Screen) rated high. Watch for the Freemark Abbey York Creek '74, scheduled for release in the fall. All of these are highly recommended for cellar­ing.


Mark your calendar for the upcoming Cabernet Sauvignon seminar tastings. All will be held at the Plush Horse on Friday evenings at 8:00 p.m.

18 Mar Cabernet I ($6/btl) 22 Apr Cabernet II ($6-$7/btl) 20 May CabernetIII ($8/btl)

Included in these Caber­net tastings will be the top six from the successful three cabernet tastings of 1976.

17 June German Wines