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1977-05 May Classic Newsletter

May 1977 Selection of California Wine


Moet and Hennesey's premium champagne cellars in Yountville have produced what many critics are calling the best sparkling wine ever produced in California. This first still wine release, a customary by-product in France by most champagne makers, Tache nature, is prod­uced from free-run Pinot Noir juice extracted from grapes fermented on the skins for a short time. This accounts for its pink tinge similar to the now famed Domaine Chandon Brut. Here is a light yet bone dry wine with a hint of the stoney, metallic flavor of Domaine Chandon. You will enjoy it as an aperitif wine or with a late afternoon meal of fish or fowl. Light and dry, M&H Winery's Tache should be served well-chilled. Similar in flavor and appearance to many recent Oeil de Perdrix releases, you will find the same qualities for $1.00 to $2.00 less per bottle. Enjoy.

$2.99/.75L $32.29/case

May 1977 Selection of Imported Wine


We have the pleasant task of introducing you to His Highness, Francisco Enrique de Bordon y de Borbon, Duque de Sevilla. His Highness is the uncle of the present King of Spain, Juan Carlos. The vineyards have been watched over by a member of the family since the 15th century.

In the past 29 years, only three vintages have been chosen with sufficient quality to be bottled Duque de Sevilla. Only this 1948 vintage which is in short supply and exhausted after this offering, the 1953 and 1969 have been released with this designation. This magnificent wine has been aged to per­fection in oak casks, bottled and then hand decanted into each bottle.

Because of the long barrel age, you'll not find the brown color or car‑

May Finds

Here are this months finds. Every wine offered is personally tasted and evaluated by our wine managers for value versus qual­ity. These prices are net prices.

Entre-peux-Mers Sec. From the Bordeaux region comes this white wine. Bronze medal win­ner at Paris in 1974. The wine is grown and bottled at the chateau.
REG. $2.80/tenth SALE $1.40/tenth $32.80/case 24

Grand Cru - St. Emilion. Very fruity and ready to grace your table at a modest price. Be­cause they are fruity and quick to mature, St. Emilions are among the most attractive of the red Bordeaux's.
REG. $5.25/fifth SALE $3.95/fifth $47.40/case

Pauillac. A fifth growth Bor­deaux. Has good body and fin­esse, ten year ageing potential. Shows its breed.
REG. $6.79/fifth SALE $$.55/fifth $66.60/case

From the Aloxe Corton of the Cote De Beaune region of Burgundy. The ratings for the wines from this vineyard have been "out­standing" consistently. Don't pass it up, it is super. REG. $5.40/tenth SALE $4.25/tenth
$102.00/case 24

Cabernet Sauvignon 1975 Napa Valley. Cask LIM 59 with 16% Merlot. From Gamay acres Vin­eyards, St. Helena. Young but drinkable now. Limited supply available.
$6.85/fifth $73.98/ case

Cabernet Sauvignon 1975 Sonoma County. Cask LIM 59 with 14% Merlot. From the Kunde Vine­yards. Excellent body and bou­quet. Limited supply. Will improve if held.
$6.85/fifth $73.98/case

Shenandoah Valley, Sonoma Calif. From 100% Zinfandel grape grown in Cary Gott's vineyard in the rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley of Amador County. Ex­cellent weather allowed the grapes from these 80 year old vines to attain a high sugar level while maintaining ad­equate acidity.
$5.25/fifth $56.70/case


Wine lockers, temperature con­trolled between 53-60F, in our Upstairs Wine Cellar. They are rented on an annual basis. Each locker holds at least 10 case of wine. Cost is 36c per case per month, which extends out to $43.20 rental per year for our 10 case module of lockers. Call at store for details: 375-5116.


Sixty members and their guests met on March 18 to taste compare ten of the best California Cabernet's priced under $6.00. First choice was the 1971 Trentadue, fol­lowed by Fetzer 1974, Simi 1970, and Beaulieu 1974. The Trentadue is big and woody, well balanced, and an excell­ent buy at $5.75. Of the top four wines, all but the Simi is available at the shop. The remaining event in this series is Cabernet III, May 20 $14.50 for members. Call Al Hausrath, 375-8428, or stop by the store for details.

Summer and Fall Events (Tentative)

Pinot Noirs Fri. July 29
Merrsaults Fri. Aug. 19
St. Emilions Fri. Sept 30
Merlots Fri. Oct. 28

Sip and Screen events are being organized now to select the wines for these tastings. If there is one or more of them that is particularly down your line, please call me and let me know.

Al, please add my name and phone number to your list of potential