1977-07 July Classic Newsletter

July 1977 Selection of California Wines


Chardonnay is one of the great varietals of the world. In Montrachet, France, it produces what is generally considered to be the world's finest and most famous dry white wine. California chardonnays from Napa and Sonoma Valleys have made news in the last few years in rivaling some of the famous French chardonnays. Monterey County is an area we think will be carving a place for itself in the wine world.

This 1975 Chardonnay from the Monterey Vineyards is the best yet. Wine maker Dr. Dick Peterson has achieved this in the 3 years they have been making wine.

The wine has a fruity bouquet reminiscent of white sage. It is dry, crisp and very typically varietal. It will age well and develop some complexities that will complement the Limousin Oak it was aged in. Service at cellar temperatures with white meats. Enjoy!

$4.75/fifth $51.30/case

June 1977 Selection of Imported Wine


The most-celebrated area of the Rhone, situated in a southeast corner of France almost to Marseilles, Chateauneuf du Pape gets its name from the castle, now a ruin, which was the summer home of the 14th century Avignon popes.

The vineyards are planted on an extraordinary, high, stony table­land which at first glance looks impossible to grow anything on. How­ever, this soil condition is what gives the Rhone wines their sturdy robust charm.

Our selection, from one of France's most reliable shippers, is a perfect blend of almost 15 grape varieties, principally Syrah and Gre­nache, producing a well-balanced, fruity wine which is ready to drink now but will improve with another 2-3 years of bottle age. Generally the price range of Chateauneuf du Pape is in the $6 to $7 range. Our wine this month was a find at this price. We recommend that you decant this wine before serving so that the full flavor and richness open up. Serve with robust dishes.

$4.95/fifth $53.46/case

July Finds

Here are this months finds. Every wine offered is personally tasted and evaluated by our wine managers for value versus qual­ity. These prices are net prices.

One of the classics of French Wines. An excellent year. A velvety, ex­quisite wine with a rich, haunting bouquet. Buy 3 & put 2 away!!! Limited quantity.
REG. $31.95/fifth SALE $15.95/fifth $191.40/case

Another first growth classic. It is robust, deep and full bodied. Is developing well.
REG. $24.95/fifth SALE $18.55/fifth $222.60/case

This fifth growth Bordeaux wine can be drunk now, however, aging will improve it.
REG. $5.95/fifth SALE $4.95/fifth $55.08/case

A buy as Liebfraumilch prices go. It is light and fruity.
REG. $2.99/fifth SALE $1.85/fifth $22.20/case


Whether it's your age, anniver­sary, golf handicap or nothing at all, what better way to cele­brate (even if you don't need a reason) than with a bottle of 1934 Echezeaux from Henri de Villamont?

We were fortunate enough to ob­tain a very short supply of one of the greatest of all Burgundies from a fantastic year. For many this will be the finest wine they will ever taste. First of all it was produced before 1939. Many experts suggest that Burgundy be­came greedy that year and decided to produce a little more wine of a little less quality and haven't regained their former stature yet.

Here is one of the biggest Bur­gundies available before 1939. So big in fact, that even after 43 years in the bottle it exhi­bits all the charm, breed and varietal character of many fine bottles many years its junior. The color is a very deep garnet with an aroma and bouquet that fills an entire room. The taste is that silky softness that comes with age and style and is every­thing a great Burgundy was or will be.

Considering that 10 and 15-year old bottles are selling for $80 and $90, this offering at $110.00 can be considered a superb value. Because of its age and the very fine sediment that has developed, we recommend that you stand the...

The Holiday Inn in Torrance, (on Hawthorne Blvd. across from the Del Amo Fashion Square), is our new location. The move from the Plush Horse was triggered by a 300% increase in rent, but the new location offers improved lighting, spacious rooms, and improved parking.

The Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach Chapters will continue to share hosting of the events planned.

The new schedule is:

Meursaults July 29, 77
Merlots August
Burgundies & Pinot Noirs September
Rieslings October
Monterey Wines November 11
Chardonnays January, 78
Montrachets February
Cabernets I March
Cabernets II April
Chablis May
Zinfandels June

Highlighting the new season is the study of the great White Burgundies (Meursaults, Montra­chets, and Chablis)! By May, when the third of these events has been completed, South Bay LADV members will have had a rare opportunity to taste the best of the currently available French White Burgundies.

Our November event also pro­mises to be very special. Owner and wine maker of Monterey Vine­yard, Dr. Dick Peterson, will present freshly picked grapes and corresponding wines, to illustrate "The intense varietal characteristics of Monterey Wines." Don't miss this unique presentation.