1977-09 September Classic Newsletter

September 1977 Selection of California Wine


In the cool, clean region on the edge of the Williamette Valley, just 30 miles from Portland, Oregon, sits Tualatin Vineyards' 70 acres of vines and winery. The winery takes its name from a local Indian word meaning "gentle or easy flowing," ref­erring to a nearby river.

Since Tualatin's young vineyards are still maturing, the grapes for this wine came from other parts of Oregon and neighboring Washington state where they share similar regional growing seasons.

Like the area, here is a very clean, fresh and fruity wine made in the Alsatian style. Because of the slow-maturing season, the grapes were picked at their ripest stage thus giving the wine a spicy flavor. The color is a very light straw and the nose light and fruity. It is a mouthful of flavor and pleasant sensations. This Tualatin Gewurztraminer will surely compliment curried chicken or veal oscar.

$4.00/fifth $43.20/case

September 1977 Selection of Imported Wine


Once again, for the summer, we have found another superb rose wine worthy of your attention. Produced and bottled by the famous Baron Rothschild, this is a rich, assertive rose made from Cabernet, Merlot and maybe just a dash of Malbec grapes. Un­like many other rose's, but similar to last months Firestone selection it is darker in color and ex­hibits an earthy quality both in smell and taste which sets it apart from the other rose wines.

It is pleasantly dry with a lingering after taste which suggests it will stand up well to the heartiest dishes. This is not a wine for too much aging but will go another year in the bottle. Enjoy it with an early evening supper, chicken tetrazzini or roast leg of lamb.

$3.99/750m1. $43.99/case


The Ricetti vineyards are located high in the eastern hills above Redwood Valley. Each year the red clay soil, ideal exposure and excellent cultural practices bring forth a crop of perfect maturity. In 1975 the vineyard was picked on October 4 at 23.1 Brix. After a slow fermentation the wine was racked to small casks and aged. It was bottled in March 1977.We classify this rich red wine as one of Fetzers outstanding Mendocino Zinfandels.
$5.50/5th. $59.40/case.

This wine is 100% Mendocino Zinfandel - a blend from two quality benchland vineyards in Mendocino County. The grapes were crushed at the winery in late October 1975. After a slow, temperature-control­led fermentation, the wine was racked to small casks for ageing. It was bottled in March 1977.You will find this light dry wine possess all the exciting charac­teristics of the noble Zinfandel when grown in the Mendocino region.
$4.75/5th $51.30/case.

Kelseyville is a small village located at the base of Mt. Konocti in Lake County. This Kelseyville Zinfandel is a blend produced from three vineyards which are situated close to Kelseyville. The blend is 85% Zinfandel, (46% from Heath vineyards, 39% from Holdenreid vineyards).For added complexity,15% Cabernet Sauvignon was blended from the Stokes vineyard. The grapes were picked in October 1975. After a slow fermentation the wine was aged in oak barrels.
$3.50/5th. $37.80/case

This 1975 Zinfandel was grown at the base of Mt. Konocti in the Holdenreid vineyards. The grapes were harvested in mid October 1975 at 22.0 Brix. After a long fermentation the wine was racked into small oak casks for ageing. For additional complexity this wine was blended with 30% 1975 Cabernet Sauvignon also grown in the Holdenreid vineyards, then bottled in September 1976.This is a soft, round wine full of fruit and ready to drink.
$2.50/5th. $27.00/case


Louis M. Martini - Gift Box containing 1 each of Johannisberg Riesling 1974, Cabernet Sauvignon 1970, and Gamay Rose 1975 in the fifth size. A handsome gift box enhances the presentation. (Note the rare and leg­endary 1970 Cabernet is part of this package).

Nathan Chroman - A Treasure of American Wines. (Book value $15.95) and a fifth of Inglenook Cream Sherry, (and it is good) all for $7.99. A bargain any time. Particularly appropriate gift for the wine enthusiast and his library.

Paul Masson Carafe - Spice Rack - Four mini carafes each contain 6.4 oz. of Paul Masson California Burgundy, Chablis, Rose and Sangria. Ready to enjoy and to reuse in dozens of ways in your home - in the kitchen, the bathroom, the workshop, or however and wherever your imagination sugg­ests. All for $6.95.

A near sellout crowd of 64 taste compared six Meursaults against a Macon-Vire and three California wines at our first meeting at the Holiday Inn, Torrance. The overall favor­ite was the winner in the famous Paris taste-off-Chateau Montelena Chardonnay 1973 with nine first place votes. Coming in a close second (with eight first places) was the Meursault Charmes 1973 of Henri de Vill­amont. The Meursault 1974 of Maurice Ropiteau also showed well. The better Meursaults, with their lack of oak, stood out for their open fruitiness and well balanced fullness.

This event was the first of three on the great white Burgundies. The next in the series - the Montrachets, will be in February, followed by Chablis in May.

The schedule for the next two months is:

Pinot Noirs and Burgundies September. The an­nouncement accompanies this newsletter or can be picked up at the store. Dick Elwood, owner of Llords and Elwood, re­turns to be our guest expert; we will feature six outstanding California Pinot Noirs as well as three great Burgundies in­cluding the 1934 Eschezeaux.

German Rieslings - 28 October, 1977. This event will feature the Mosel and Rheingau wines of Germany with emphasis on the Auslese's and Spatlese's. All will be of the 1971 and 1975 vintages. Jerry Seps, Manhattan Beach Chapter Director, will lead this seminar.