1978-09 September Classic Newsletter

September 1978 Selection of California Wine


Another find, of value vs. quality, is this second selection from Stonecreek Vineyards. It is amazing how the people at Stonecreek, (who do not produce any wine themselves) are able to sel­ectively buy wine in bulk, cellar it, and bottle it themselves, come up with such winners. Some good palates up there at Geyserville.

The Grey Riesling grape is not a true member of the traditional riesling family. (The correct grape name is "Chauce gris"). It produces a wine similar in style to many California rieslings. The name "Grey Riesling" is a California invention. The well made typical grey riesling in California can have a spice like flavor, generally dry, with low acidity. It will not, however reach the height of true White Riesling in complexities.

Our Stonecreek example is an outstanding one with all the attributes described above coming through. It has an exceptional nose and full body. Serve chilled and enjoy as a summer afternoon sipping wine at the unbelievable price of

$2.25/fifth $24.30/case

September 1978 Selection of Imported Wine


Barola is one of the great red wines of Italy many experts consider it the greatest. It is made exclusively from the Nebbiolo grape in a very limited commune centered with the village of Baralo. Grapes were first planted in this hilly region in the 13th century by Marquis Falletti and since then this "King of Wines" in Italy has attracted many royal patrons.

Barolo is very harsh young, and is aged in casks for 3 years before attaining DOC status. It improves more with 3-5 years in bottle, and ages well like a good claret for many years. It is usually deep red with an orange tint, full and fragrant. Aroma of faded roses and vio­lets can be detected. It has an austere dryness, and a velvety smooth­ness to the full body.

We think Mr. Ratti's example, produced in the old monastery of Abbazia Dell' Annunziata meets most of the above description Open it two hours before using if possible; decant it for aeration. Serve with a robust red meat dish and consider laying a bottle or two down for ageing and comparing. You will be pleased.

$6.25/fifth $67.50/case


ong Gewurztraminer character is muted in this wine to provide a more graceful N a delicate floral nature. A barely perceptible sweetness was retained as insur­- carefully balanced against a crisp acidity. Gewurztraminer is a natural accom- meats, such as ham, german sausages or patés. $4.50/fifth $48.60/case

Classic grapefruit overtones identify the varietal fragrance of this delicate style ch of sweetness. Though zestfully satisfying now it seems perfectly balanced for ottle bouquet. $4.50/fifth $48.60/case

of Noir grape is carefully handled precisely like a delicate white grape producing white wine but is tinged with color like the blush on a peach. Technically the k flavors and fragrance, reminiscent of some illusive fruit, give the impression of $4.50/fifth $48.60/case

100% varietal wine from the 5 year old Oak Knoll vineyard. This vineyard is the wine's remarkably dark color and rapidly emerging flavors. The wine has young wines. It is more reminiscent of the heavy styled Beaujolais than of ver a year in new French oak barrels, bottled in the spring of '77 and now awaits time in the bottle can give. $4.50/fifth $48.60/case

wine was made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and aged in small American and n a medium bodied style that would mature for early drinkability. It is a solid ertones. This could serve as an excellent and reliable restaurant wine. $5.00/fifth $54.00/case

yard, 40 year old vines on a rugged promontory 2000 feet high, struggles each concentrated fruit. The strong pungent raspberry like fragrance and the youth- ge attest to the merit of the single vineyard designation on the label. The oak inishing in large Yugoslavian casks and American barrels. $6.75/fifth $72.90/case

struck by the herbaceous overtones in the fragrance of this wine. The addition ignon in a sort of reverse role has given dimension and complexity to its company- ic texture and rich almost sweet flavors are reflected in a long satisfying finish. $6.75/fifth $72.90/case


effecting a nearly perfect growing season and more stringent vineyard selections, strength and character for Freemark Abbey Cabernet. Its flavors are a little remi- uance of the 1969 vintage, perhaps related to the similar addition of 10% Merlot. l exceed any previous vintage. $7.00/fifth $75.60/case.

sernet Sauvignon grapes from the small John Bosche vineyard consistently produce ich we feel warrant a separate bottling. The '73 vintage is a solid example of the t Merlot was added to give the wine dimension. It is sturdier and more tannic than it and the sweetness of new Nevers oak barrels contribute to the classic cassis like $8.75/fifth $94.50/case

the '74 vintage in general has the reputation for heavy inky wines the '74 Bosche' le of our past vintages. The Bosche' vineyard character marries with new Nevers sweetness. The nose is reminiscent of tea leaves. The texture is softly tannic. undness and complexity. $7.75/fifth $83.70/case

Pinot Noir is made in similar elegant style to our '68. It has abundant strawberry- a hint of French Nevers Oak flavor and well defir ed acidity. Like the '68 and '69, This wine would gratify the drinker who can appreciate subtlety of flavor in place an understanding of the delicate nature of the Pinot Noir grape in California. $4.75/fifth $51.30/case


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Will the 1975 French Bordeaux equal the fame of the famous French artillery piece? Many experts think they will cone close.

Kirk Calhoun, an Assistant Chapter Director of the Palos Verdes Chapter, has assembled an outstanding collec­tion of 1975 Bordeaux and an equally interesting collection of comparable 1975 California wines composed of four Cabernet Sauvignons and a Merlot. Darrell Corti, one of California's top wine experts, will be our guest expert.

In general, the French 75's are slow to arrive on the market to allow the price to stabilize (increase). So, this is your chance to sample these great clarets prior to your purchase. The 1975 Sterling Merlot has not been released by the winery (Sterling is one of the few California wineries that holds back its wine until they have somewhere near the right bottle age). This is the great wine we tasted in our August 1977 Merlot tasting and is considered by some to be the best Merlot yet produced in California.

Some of the premium 1975 California Cabernets are showing better than even their '74 predecessors. We will be serving the hard to find Caymus, as well as Hacienda, Phelps, and St. Clement to match against Mouton Rothschild, Haut Brion, and other outstanding Bordeaux.

The enclosed announcement gives the details.

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