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1979-01 January Classic Newsletter

January 1979 Selection of California: Wine


The redwood faced Franciscan winery is located in the very heart of Napa Valley, a short distance north of the town of Rutherford. It was founded in 1971, and is owned and operated by Raymond Duncan and Justin Meyer, with Meyer as winemaker. Meyer is a graduate of the Department of Viticulture and Enology at U.C. Davis and has 15 years experience in winemaking at other Napa Valley wineries. The winery is equipped with all the latest in winemaking equipment.

The chardonnay grape has been cultivated in the Burgundy region of France for hundreds of years and is responsible for the great white Burgundies of Montrachet, Merseault and Chablis. Transplanted to California it produces some truly fine wines. Our California vintner has been doing a remarkable job of matching and even beating traditional French Burgundies in blind tastings.

This Franciscan Chardonnay is a crisp clean, well balanced wine. It has a very characteristic chardonnay flavor. Serve it chilled with light dishes. It is one of the best available in the medium price range.

$5.60/fifth $60.48/case

January 1979 Selection of Imported Wine


The Rhone is one of the great rivers of Western Europe, originating in Switzerland and emptying into the Mediterranean, west of Marseilles. Cotes-du-Rhone is the name generally given to the wines produced in the Rhone Valley between Vienne just south of Lyon, and Avignon, a distance of about 120 miles. About 10 million gallons of Cotes-du-Rhone is produced annually, and less than 1% of it is white.

Some twenty different grape varieties are authorized throughout the district, the most important being the Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Cin­sault and Clairette. Each vintner blends to produce a wine which suits his own palate.

This Jean Lescours Cotes-du-Rhone is a good example of the regional wines which come from this particular area of France. It has a fruity and expansive nose, lovely ruby color, medium body with good fruit and a pleasant finish. Serve at room temperature with red meat or a hearty dish.

$4.39/fifth $47.42/case


The definitive directories of California Wine Coun­try - Napa Valley (Vol. I), Sonoma & Mendocino (Vol. II) and Central Coast (Vol. III) are now available! Absolutely up to date and all inclusive, the Wine Tour Series explores every existing winery in the coastal wine growing regions from Mendocino to Santa Barbara. Each handsome 7¼ x 9 inch volume is extensively illus­trated by famed California artist Sebastian Titus. Special emphasis has been given to the colorful and some­times enigmatic winemakers and their wines.

In each volume, a separate chapter on food cri­tiques outstanding eateries and shops purveying pro­visions. Restaurants have been carefully evaluated for quality of food, atmosphere, service and price range. A chapter on lodging reviews noteworthy accommodations including hotels, country inns, resorts, health spas and campgrounds.

$5.95 per volume plus $.75 handling each. California residents: add 6% Sales Tax

Order by number, using Wine Order Form in last column.


Lamb chops
1 cup milk
Oil or bacon fat
2 pounds asparagus
Parsley and chervil, finely chopped
2 tablespoons flour
Salt and pepper

Take some nice lamb chops, rub them with good oil or bacon fat; barbecue them. If you do not have barbecue, you can fry them in skillet.

Do not add salt or pepper until the chops are cooked.


Boil in salted water 2 pounds of asparagus. When done, cut the stalks in two, preserving the tips.

Combine 2 tablespoons of flour in a little milk. Salt and cook, stirring with a wooden spoon, until the sauce has thickened. Add a little butter. Put the asparagus in the sauce and mash until it has a smooth, creamy texture; drain through a colander. Keep the cream of asparagus warm, and when your chops are done, place them in the puree. You can add a little parsley and chervil, finely chopped, to make it greener. Serve at once.

CELLARMASTER "WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB" – for a fun way of discovering new wines each month We select one domestic and one imported wine and feature it in our wine shop. We send you a bottle of each selection monthly. We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background. We restrict our selections to the popular price range, not to exceed $10.00 for the two bottles of wine each month. We deliver to the Palos Verdes Area at no charge. We ship statewide at nominal charges of whatever our cost is for such shipping. If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections. Please send me the domestic and imported selection each month. NAME PHONE STREET CITY ZIP □ Charge my regular account at your shop. □ Bank America □ Visa □ Master Charge No._________________________Expiration__________ Date_____________Signature________________________ "WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB" CELLARMASTER SELECTIONS Mail to: Palos Verder Wines & Spirits 77 MALAGA COVE PLAZA PALOS VERDES ESTATES, CALIFORNIA 90274 ------------------------------------------------------------- WINE ORDER FORM Use the form below for ordering any wines or items you wish from this newsletter, or any other wines available. We deliver in Palos Verdes at no charge ($20 minimum). We ship statewide nominal charges of whatever our cost is for such shipping. PLEASE SEND ME THE WINES LISTED BELOW: NO. BOTTLES NO. CASES NUMBER & NAME OF WINE PRICE TOTAL □ Send C.O.D. □ Charge my regular account SUB TOTAL___________ □ BankAmericard □ Mastercharge □ Visa 6% SALES TAX________ No.________________________________________ TOTAL_______________ Expiration Date:______________________________ Signature_____________________________ Name (print)______________________________ Address____________________________City_________Zip_______Phone_______________ Mail to: 77 Malaga Cove Plaza Palos Verder Estates, CA 90274


The Palos Verdes Chapter of Les Amis du Vin is initiating its 1979 schedule with a unique opportunity to taste com­pare Chardonnays from four of Califor­nia's top wineries for three vintages: 1974, 1975 and 1976. Two of these wineries, Stony Hill and Hanzell have very small production runs, and the wine is in scarce supply. For this rea­son the seminar will be restricted to an absolute maximum of 48 attendees.

All our seminars to date have been open on a first come/first served basis equally to LADV members and non-members, with a modest additional charge for non­member.

We will continue this policy, but for this event, due to a limited wine availability, we will give first prior­ity to LADV members, provided their pre­paid reservations are received by Thursday, 25 January 1979. After this date, if the event is not fully sub­scribed, then non-members reservations will be honored on a first received basis.

LADV membership is a bargain at $20. Not only does it give each member and his first guest a reduction in Seminar fees, but includes a subscription to the excellent wine magazine "The Friends of Wine". If you are not a member, send in your membership dues ($20) with the seminar reservation form to be assured of priority seating at this unusual event.

For additional membership informa­tion contact Chapter Director or the wine Master at the store.

Al Hausrath, Chapter Director
Phone: 375-8428

Wine Master
Phone: 378-2168