1979-02 February Classic Newsletter

February 1979 Selection of California Wine


Carl H. Wente came to this country from Hannover, Germany, along the Leine River. He did ranch work in various parts of the country and ultimately came to work for Charles Krug in the Napa Valley. In 1883 Wente acquired a third interest in a 50 acre parcel in the Livermore Valley, and by the turn of the century had bought out his partners. To his original holding he added the Hayes Ranch which he purchased in 1896. The winery was built on the original plot, where it still stands. Carl's sons, Ernest and Herman were later respons­ible for establishing the winery's fine reputation.

The Petite Sirah has a somewhat clouded past, but it is believed to have originally been brought to the Rhone Valley of France from Persia. Some authorities say that the grape carried to France by the Crusaders is not the same Petite Sirah we grow in California. They do, nonetheless, bear a striking resemblance.

This Wente Petite Sirah is a beautiful garnet color; has a full body, and a pleasant lingering finish.

$3.25/fifth $32.30/case

February 1979 Selection of Imported Wine


This wine takes its name from the town of Oppenheim, which is directly south of Nierstein, in Rheinhessen, Germany. Its vineyards are found largely to the south of the village on gently sloping soil that falls away toward Dienheim and the flat plain in the direction of Worms. Some of the best Lagen (specifically named vineyards) are Kreuz, Sackträger, Herrenberg, Steig and Krötenbrunnen, from which our wine comes.

The vineyards of this area cover approximately 450 acres and are about one-third Rieslings, with the balance being planted to Sylvaner and Müller Thurgau. All three varieties are native to either Austria or Germany. The Müller-Thurgau is actually a cross between the productive Sylvaner and the high quality-low yield Riesling.

This Oppenheimer Krotenbrunnen Auslese is a rich golden color, and has a fragrant, almost flowery nose. It is luscious on the palate and has a clean lingering finish. Being an Auslese, it is slightly sweet, and should be served with glazed meats or desert.

$5.99/fifth $64.70/case

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A qualitatswein from the Rheinhessen. Well balanced and soft on the Palate.

From Muscadet in the north of France. Dry, crisp, well balanced and perfectly delightful.

One of Germany's most famous wines. Just a hint of sweet ness, light and soft.

Famous Italian red. Soft and dry with a pleasant fin ish.

From the vil lage of Piesport on the Mosel River. Pleasant and refresh- ing.

One of the most popular Italian white wines. Light, dry and refreshing.

This tradition- al wine from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer is very Popular. Light, crisp, and well bal anced.

Chateau bottled white Bordeaux from Entre-deux-Mers. Dry, and delicate.

From the Mosel Saar-Ruwer region of Germany. Fruity and light.

BERNKASTELER DOCTOR RIESLING AUSLESE 1976 Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler #20 $37.69/fifth
BERNKASTELER DOCTOR RIESLING AUSLESE 1975 Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler #21 $32.59/fifth
BERNKASTELER DOCTOR RIESLING KABINETT 1977 Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler #22 $19.99/fifth
BERNKASTELER DOCTOR AUSLESE 1976 Dr. H. Thanisch #23 $40.57/fifth
BERNKASTELER DOCTOR KABINETT 1977 Dr. H. Thanisch #24 $25.89/fifth
BERNKASTELER GRABEN RIESLING AUSLESE 1976 Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler #25 $11.99/fifth
RENTADUE EARLY BURGUNDY 1975 #27 $ 3.50/fifth
BERSANO ASTI SPUMANTE #29 $ 8.40/fifth
SUTTER HOME WHITE ZINFANDEL 1978 #30 $ 3.75/fifth
SUTTER HOME ZINFANDEL 1975 #31 $10.50/mag.

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Give a beautiful Simi Gift Box to your valentine. Each attractive wood box contains 2 fifths of Simi's Gold Medal winning Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon for only $7.99 each

Our Palos Verdes Chapter of Les Amis du Vin started the year with a sold out seminar on twel­ve of California's great Chard­onnay wines. We were forced to restrict participation in this unique event due to the limited number of bottles available of some of the wines served. Most of our seminars will not be limited in attendance, but once or twice a year we want to hold speciality tastings, such as this one, which must be for a smaller group. Priority seating will be given to L.A.D.V. mem­bers for these smaller events.

This was also our first seminar to be held at The Hungry Tiger at the Peninsula Center. We were very pleased with their accommodations and hope to meet there frequently. Incidentally, The Hungry Tiger has an excel­lent oyster bar, with its own menu of perhaps a dozen sea food specialities, that can pro­vide the light supper recommend­ed as a prelude to our evening seminars.

Our chapter will hold a Pinot Noir event during the last week of March. California's winemakers continue to improve their Pinot Noir techniques and some of the new wine regions such as Paso Robles are adding additional Burgundy-like flavors. How good are they? Come to our March event and see. We will have one or two outstanding French Burgundies for taste com­parison. The details will be in­cluded in next month's mailing.

Al Hausrath,
Chapter Director