1979-03 March Classic Newsletter

March 1979 Selection of California Wine


The Redwood Valley in Mendocino County is the home of Fetzer Vineyards who produce Bel Arbres Vineyards wines as a secondary label. They are located some 125 miles north of San Francisco in a picturesque setting along Forsythe and Seward Creeks at the headwaters of the Russian River. In the mid 1950's, Bernard Fetzer bought the 750 acre ranch and began replanting and expanding. He sold grapes to home winemakers until 1968 when he started Fetzer Vineyards and built a winery.

The Sauvignon Blanc is the leading grape variety grown in the Graves area of Bordeaux. It is also grown in the upper Loire Valley where it is known as the Blanc-Fume. In both areas it produces harming and fruity wines. In California it produces somewhat fuller bodied wines.

This Bel Arbres Fume Blanc is an excellent example of what the Sauv­ignon Blanc can produce in California. It is fruity, elegant and sur­prisingly complex. Serve chilled with light foods. One of our best dis­coveries.

#35 $3.50/fifth $37.80/case

March 1979 Selection of Imported Wine


Gigondas is a village in the Rhone Valley situated at the foot of Mount Ventoux, northeast of Avignon. The Gigondas district is the nearest neighbor to the famous chateauneuf-du‑pape of the Rhone. This area produces rose as well as red wine although it is principally known for its reds. The proper name for wines from this area is Cotes-du-Rhone-Gigondas.

A multitude of grapes are grown in this area although the most promin­ent of them is the Syrah. The syrah is believed to have been brought to this area from Persia by the crusaders. Wines from Gigondas are blended wines and each vintner blends to produce a wine which suits his own pal­ate.

The wines from this area do much of their ageing in the cask because it takes time for the wines to cast their heavy deposit, and even longer to clear. The best wines of this area are rich, full, generous and deep red in color. This Brotte et Armenier Gigondas is a superb example of this type of wine. It has an expansive nose, deep color, and excellent body. Enjoy at room temperature with hearty dishes.

#36 $5.99/fifth $64.69/case

Every wine offered is personally tasted and evaluated by our wine managers for value versus quality. You can buy them confidently as sound wines in their class. Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up.

There is a limited supply of each wine, so stock up on your favorite selections while they last. Come in, phone, or fill out the order form and mail it

CHABLIS-SOUVERAIN, 1977 Fruity, dry and well balanced. #37 Reg. $2.89 Sale $1.99

BURGUNDY-SOUVERAIN 1974 Very flavorful, with depth of color and bouquet. A buy. #40 Reg. $2.89 - Sale $1.99

GREY RIESLING-SOUVERAIN 1977 Refreshing luncheon wine, crisp and flavorful. Hint of sweetness. Slight spritz. #38 Reg. $2.89 - Sale $1.99

GRENACHE ROSE 1977 Best grenache we know of. Very fruity and medium dry. #41 Reg. $2.89 - Sale $1.99

COLOMBARD BLANC-SOUVERAIN 1977 Very surprising. Hint of sweetness, medium body, and well balanced. #39 Req. $2.89 - Sale $1.99

POMMARD - BOUCHARD PERE&FILS For all you Burgundy fanciers. The wine is a little light, but very true. A buy. #42 Reg. $8.99 - Sale $5.99


Beautiful hardwood placques carved after a 10th century design by a local artist. The placques are stained dark brown and show the authen­tic feeling of medieval artistry. They will make an ideal gift for a wine enthusiast. Two designs available. $62.50 each. Order by number.

STAGS LEAP VINEYARD Petite Sirah 1975 #43 $6.75/fifth $72.90/cs
STAGS LEAP VINEYARD Burgundy 1976 #44 $4.50/fifth $48.60/cs
STAGS LEAP WINE CELLARS Gamay Beaujolais 1977 #45 $3.50/fifth $37.80/cs
HAWKCREST Cabernet Sauvignon 1976 #46 $4.75/fifth $51.30/cs
CHATEAU MONTELENA Cabernet Sauv- ignon #47 $19.00/Mg. $102.60/cs(6)
LE FLEURON Chardonnay #48 $5.75/fifth $62.10/cs
FREEMARK ABBEY Edelwein 1976 #49 $9.50/tenth $102.60/cs(12)
BOUCHARD Beaujolais Villages 1976 #50 $4.99/fifth $53.90/cs
CHATEAU NEUF DU PAPE La Petite Bastide 1971 #51 $9.58/fifth $103.47/cs
HERMITAGE (Red) Brotte Et Armenier 1975 #52 $9.58/fifth $103.47/cs
HERMITAGE (White) Brotte Et Armen- ier 1975 #53 $9.58/fifth $103.47/cs
COTE ROTIE Brotte et Armenier 1975 #54 $10.59/fifth $114.38/cs


When new wines arrive, and we must make room for them, our only way of ing them is replacing the last few bottles in a bin of an older wine with the new one.

To move these out and make room, we discount the old wines and put them in our "End of Bin" section.

It would pay you to peruse this section whenever you are in the shop. You will find it changing all the time, and many surprises will be there.

CELLARMASTER "WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB" – for a fun way of discovering new wines each month We select one domestic and one imported wine and feature it in our wine shop. We send you a bottle of each selection monthly. We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background. We restrict our selections to the popular price range, not to exceed $10.00 for the two bottles of wine each month. We deliver to the Palos Verdes Area at no charge. We ship statewide at nominal charges of whatever our cost is for such shipping. If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections. Please send me the domestic and imported selection each month. NAME PHONE STREET CITY ZIP □ Charge my regular account at your shop. □ Bank America □ Visa □ Master Charge No._________________________Expiration__________ Date_____________Signature________________________ "WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB" CELLARMASTER SELECTIONS Mail to: Palos Verder Wines & Spirits 77 MALAGA COVE PLAZA PALOS VERDES ESTATES, CALIFORNIA 90274 ------------------------------------------------------------- WINE ORDER FORM Use the form below for ordering any wines or items you wish from this newsletter, or any other wines available. We deliver in Palos Verdes at no charge ($20 minimum). We ship statewide nominal charges of whatever our cost is for such shipping. PLEASE SEND ME THE WINES LISTED BELOW: NO. BOTTLES NO. CASES NUMBER & NAME OF WINE PRICE TOTAL □ Send C.O.D. □ Charge my regular account SUB TOTAL___________ □ BankAmericard □ Mastercharge □ Visa 6% SALES TAX________ No.________________________________________ TOTAL_______________ Expiration Date:______________________________ Signature_____________________________ Name (print)______________________________ Address____________________________City_________Zip_______Phone_______________ Mail to: 77 Malaga Cove Plaza Palos Verder Estates, CA 90274


It is the goal of the Palos Verdes Chapter of LADV to build its wine tasting seminars around the best of the currently available wines. This allows our members to buy for their own use according to their own taste, and not have to buy either on the basis of a group consensus or the opinion of a single wine column writer. We add to these "currently available" wines those wines we consider to be the best of the recently released products from some of California's small boutique wineries. These limit­ed production wines necessarily have limited distribution also, and disappear quickly into private cellars.

Other additions in our wine selection are found among the older wines. These wines, while usually not currently available, illustrate not only year-to year variations, but ageing effects.

This month's Pinot Noir event is just such a combination. Four Hanzells, from 1967 to the current '74; two central coast wineries, HMR and Sanford Benedict; plus ZD, Caymus (two wines) and Villa Mt. Eden, for a total of ten of the best of California's Pinot Noirs.

For a personal glimpse at the reasons for the current resurgence of popular­ity of California's Pinot Noirs, be sure to attend this event on Thursday, March 29.

Our January Chardonnay seminar was a complete sell out, even after we expanded it to include 64 members and their guests. The group's favorite was the 1974 Hanzell, with the '74 and '75 Stony Hills tying for second.

Al Hausrath, Chapter Director