1979-04 April Classic Newsletter

April 1979 Selection of California Wine


Louis M. Martini entered the California wine business with his fisherman father in 1906. It started as a backyard venture with young Martini peddling clams, mussels and wine to fish markets and neighborhood homes. After the repeal of Prohibition, Martini began producing bulk wines in San Joaquin Valley, most of which were ship­ped east in railroad tank cars. In 1940 he moved to the present winery site at St. Helena and began producing fine quality Napa Valley wines.

The Barbera from which this wine was made is grown principally in the Piedmont area in northwestern Italy. Grown in California it seems to produce its best wines when planted in the cool coastal valleys north of San Francisco.

This 1975 vintage of Louis Martini Barbera is a particularly superb example of the grape at its best. It is deep colored, full bodied and full flavored. Try it with Italian food.

#55 $3.25/fifth $35.10/case

April 1979 Selection of Imported Wine


Beaujolais is a district located in the southern part of Burgundy just north of the city of Lyon. Although traditionally a part of Burgundy its wines are actually quite different. Wines from this district are overwhelmingly red, although some roses and a few excellent whites re produced which are rare to come by.

This Beaujolais Blanc comes from an area which is contiguous to the famous Pouilly-Fuisse district, and its quality is equal. It's price is one third less. It is produced from 100% chardonnay grape.

H. Duremont Beaujolais Blanc is dry, light greenish-gold, fruity, well balanced and has a nice bouquet. Serve with light meats, poultry or fish.


$6.75/fifth $72.90/case

Every wine offered is personally tasted and evaluated by our wine managers for value versus quality. You can buy them confidently as sound wines in their class. Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up.

There is a limited supply of each wine, so stock up on your favorite selections while they last. Come in, phone, or fill out the order form and mail it

$5.25/750m1 ROSE #73 SALE PRICE
$3.49/750m1 Regular Price $5.00/750m1
SALE PRICE $3.59/750m1 Reg. Price $3.49/1.5 litre
SALE PRICE $2.59/1.5 litre



Chateau LYNCH-BAGES (Pauillac) 1976 #75 Reg. $18.65/fifth SALE $14.92/fifth
Chateau LEOVILLE POYFERRE (Saint Julien) 1976 #76 Reg. $17.90/fifth SALE $14.32/fifth
Chateau PICHON LALANDE (Pauillac) 1976 #77 Reg. $17.40/fifth SALE $13.92/fifth
Chateau LEOVILLE LASCASES (Saint Julien) 1976 #78 Reg. $17.90/fifth SALE $14.32/fifth
Chateau BARON DE PICHON (Pauillac) 1976 #79 Reg. $18.60/fifth SALE $14.88/fifth
Cabernet Sauvignon - BEL ARBRES (Fetzer secondary line) A real surprise and find. #57 $3.50/fifth $37.80/cs
Zinfandel, Amador County, COSUMNES RIVER VINEYARDS 1975. Another find. #58 $3.50/fifth $37.80/cs
Pinot Noir - H.M.R. HOFFMAN MOUNTAIN RANCH 1975. One to a customer as the supply lasts. #59 $15.00/fifth
Rose of Cabernet - H.M.R. HOFFMAN MOUNTAIN RANCH 1977 #60 $3.95/fifth $42.66/cs
Johannisberg Riesling - Late Harvest H.M.R. HOFFMAN MOUNTAIN RANCH 1977 #61 $15.00/fifth $162.00/cs
Franken Riesling - H.M.R. HOFFMAN MOUNTAIN RANCH 1977 #62 $3.75/fifth $40.50/cs
Cabernet Sauvignon - H.M.R. HOFFMAN MOUNTAIN RANCH 1975 #63 $10.00/fifth $108.00/cs
Chardonnay - H.M.R. HOFFMAN MOUNTAIN RANCH 1976 #64 $8.50/fifth $91.80/cs
Chateau LAROSE - TRINTAUDON (Haut Medoc) 1975 (Grand Cru Bourgeois) #65 $5.95/fifth $64.26/cs
Orvieto Abbocato - RUFFINO #66 $4.29/fifth $46.34/cs
Pouilly-Fuisse - SICHEL 1977 #67 $11.99/fifth $129.50/cs
Saint Veran - MOMMESSIN 1976 #68 $5.49/fifth $59.30/cs

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The International Wine Society

Ron Fonte, National Director of LADV, met with all the Southern California Chapter directors last month. He reported on the continued U.S. and international expansion of LADV. The Paris chapter initiated its activity with a seminar featuring 53 of California's wineries! New chapters are also soon to be announced in Italy and Great Britain.

Of more immediate interest to Southern California members are con­tinued improvements in the wine-of-the-month program, and winery char­ter tours for LADV members. As a continuing feature of membership, members can receive notices of four other chapters of their choice just by notifying national of their in­terests. A few of the chapters are:

Los Angeles/Marina Del Rey #23
Encino #60
Costa Mesa/Newport #71
Canoga Park/Northridge #87
Manhattan Beach #127
Arco Plaza #161
Glendale/Verdugo #165
West Los Angeles #196

The Palos Verdes and Man­hattan Beach chapters will con­tinue to alternate their seminars. This month Preston Caves, Manhattan Beach director, has assembled an outstanding sample of currently available Chardonnays, with several Burgundian Chardonnays added to en­hance the comparisons. The announce­ment for this event is included with this mailer.

Al Hausrath, Chapter Director