1979-05 May Classic Newsletter

May 1979 Selection of California Wine


San Martin winery was founded in 1892 as a cooperative, and remained so until Prohibition. In 1932 the operation was purchased by the Fel­ice family who brought their winemaking heritage from Italy. Under the Felice's the winery ex­panded its holdings and became well known for its fruit and berry wines. In 1973 the South­down Company of Houston purchased the winery and added winemaker Ed Friedrich to the staff. The winery was again sold in 1976 to the Somerset Wine Company, who retained Friedrich. He has had considerable winemaking experience in Germany as well as in California.

The Chenin Blanc grape is of uncertain origin but has been cultivated in the Loire Valley of France for centuries. Transplanted to California it produces wines which are light and fruity.

This San Martin Soft Chenin was produced from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes grown in San Luis Obispo County. It has a low alcohol content, only 10% and therefore is very "soft." It is very fresh, fruity and has a hint of sweetness. Enjoy chilled as an aperitif or with light food.

#80 $5.00/fifth $54.00/case

May 1979 Selection of Imported Wine


Chianti comes from the Tuscany region of Italy and Chianti Classico comes from a delimited area within Tuscany situated between Florence and Siena. This area consists of four townships, Radda, Cast­ellina, Gaiole, and the fourth, Greve, from which this Chianti comes. Chianti bottled within this zone carries the official seal of "Denominazione Di Origine Controlata (D.O.C.)" with a rooster insig­nia on the bottle neck. The finer Chiantis often carry the name of a specific estate or vineyard owner, such as Count Capponi, as seen on this label.

Chiantis are blended wines, produced principally from two grapes, the San Gioveto and Cannaiolo. The finer or classic Chiantis are well balanced, firm and improve with age. They are bottled in standard claret shaped bottles rather than the traditional straw cover­ed fiasco bottle.

This Villa Calcinaia Chianti is full bodied yet soft. It has been judiciously blended to produce a surprisingly well balanced wine. A typical Chianti of the classico type. Serve at room temperature with red meats or Italian fare. It has further ageing potential of 5 years.

A steal at #81 $3.75/fifth $40.50/case


Chardonnay-MAYACAMAS VINEYARDS 1976 #82 $10.95/fifth $118.26/cs $ 5.79/tenth $125.07/cs
Pinot Noir Rose-MAYACAMAS VINEYARDS 1977 #83 $ 4.95/fifth $ 53.46/cs
Late Harvest Zinfandel-MAYACAMAS VINEYARDS 1976 #84 $12.00/fifth $129.60/cs
POMMARD Clos des Epenots 1976 #85 $24.40/fifth $263.52/cs
GRANDS ECHEZEAUX 1975 #86 $20.65/fifth $223.02/cs
ROMANEE-Conti Monopole 1975 #87 $88.00/fifth $950.40/cs
Cabernet Sauvignon, George De LaTour Private Reserve 1974, BEAULIEU VINEYARDS #88 $12.00/fifth Limited quantity. Restricted 4 bottles to a customer.
Chardonnay-ROBERT MONDAVI 1977 #89 $ 9.00/fifth $ 97.20/cs
Chardonnay-STONEGATE WINERY 1977 #90 $ 8.49/fifth $ 91.70/cs
Sauvignon Blanc-STONEGATE WINERY 1978 #91 $ 5.49/fifth $ 59.30/cs
French Colombard-STONEGATE WINERY 1977 #92 $ 3.49/fifth $ 37.70/cs
Zinfandel-STONEGATE WINERY 1976 #93 $ 4.99/fifth $ 53.90/cs
Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma-STONE- GATE WINERY 1976 #94 $ 5.99/fifth $ 64.70/cs
Winkeler Hasensprung, Riesling Kabinett, DIENHARD 1975 #95 $ 4.99/fifth $ 53.90/cs
Chardonnay, Napa Valley, Cask LIM 59 VEEDERCREST-RINGSBRIDGE 1977 #96 $ 9.50/fifth $102.60/cs

CELLARMASTER "WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB" – for a fun way of discovering new wines each month We select one domestic and one imported wine and feature it in our wine shop. We send you a bottle of each selection monthly. We send you a newsletter describing the wine and its background. We restrict our selections to the popular price range, not to exceed $10.00 for the two bottles of wine each month. We deliver to the Palos Verdes Area at no charge. We ship statewide at nominal charges of whatever our cost is for such shipping. If you are new to wines, it is a good way to learn about them. If you are a seasoned connoisseur, we invite you to test our evaluations and make your recommendations for future selections. Please send me the domestic and imported selection each month. NAME PHONE STREET CITY ZIP □ Charge my regular account at your shop. □ Bank America □ Visa □ Master Charge No._________________________Expiration__________ Date_____________Signature________________________ "WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB" CELLARMASTER SELECTIONS Mail to: Palos Verder Wines & Spirits 77 MALAGA COVE PLAZA PALOS VERDES ESTATES, CALIFORNIA 90274 ------------------------------------------------------------- WINE ORDER FORM Use the form below for ordering any wines or items you wish from this newsletter, or any other wines available. We deliver in Palos Verdes at no charge ($20 minimum). We ship statewide nominal charges of whatever our cost is for such shipping. PLEASE SEND ME THE WINES LISTED BELOW: NO. BOTTLES NO. CASES NUMBER & NAME OF WINE PRICE TOTAL □ Send C.O.D. □ Charge my regular account SUB TOTAL___________ □ BankAmericard □ Mastercharge □ Visa 6% SALES TAX________ No.________________________________________ TOTAL_______________ Expiration Date:______________________________ Signature_____________________________ Name (print)______________________________ Address____________________________City_________Zip_______Phone_______________ Mail to: 77 Malaga Cove Plaza Palos Verder Estates, CA 90274


Harry Waugh, one of the world's leading authorities on the wines of France, is making his annual visit to the Los Angeles LADV chapters. Because of the outstanding capabili­ties of this Englishman, we are join­ing with the Los Angeles and Bel Air Chapters to cohost this event.

He is a director of Chateau Latour, Honorary Editor of our Friends of Wine Magazine, and author of at least eight books. The unique­ness of Harry Waugh is his ability to express his personal wine tasting sensation both through his speech as well as in his spirited writing. With all this combined with his exceptional charm you should find Harry Waugh to be our most outstand­ing guest of the year.

Harry Waugh, while by his own admission possessing a French palate, was probably the first European connoisseur to give world wide recog­nition to the premium Californian Cabernets and Chardonnays. His fluid speech and vivid description of the wineries and wines caused one local expert to remark "Harry is worth the price of admission even if no wines were served!"

We will be serving wines, a comparison of the top Californian and French Cabernet based wines. The seminar is scheduled for Monday, May 21 at 7:30 P.M. in the Community Room in the ARCO Plaza. The accompa­nying announcement gives the details or call our Regional Director‑John Movius at 477-7368 for informa­tion.

Al Hausrath, Chapter Director