1979-06 June Classic Newsletter

June 1979 Selection of California Wine


A new label has emerged on the California scene. The firm of Morandell Wine Import, who to date, have specialized in importing Austrian wines and more recently in German wines, have chosen to offer private label premium California wines. Mr Wolfgang Morandell chose the entire 1976 Zinfandel harvest of Sotoyome Winery made from Sonoma County grapes as one of his wines. We were impressed and bring it to you as our red wine selection this month.

Sotoyome means "Village of Brave Warriors" referring to the tribe of Indians that inhabited the Russian River Valley. In 1973, William Chaikin and John C. Stampri, with some other investors, established the winery near Healdsburg, on land formerly used for fruit growing. Soil, weather, and grape origin are the elements their winemaker depends on more than temperature control in his wine making. "Emphasis on the best grapes, and allowing the wine to de­velop fully naturally with as little manipulation and complication as possible" is his aim.

This Zinfandel is a luscious example. Full bodied, well balanced and deep in flavor, it is a surprise from Sonoma County grapes. Try it _with your next beef entree. Will improve for 5 to 10 years.

#97 $5.00/fifth $54.00/case

June 1979 Selection of Imported Wine


The Friuli wine growing region of Italy is at the northeast top of the boot. It is a small region that does not ordinarily export its wines. The locals prefer to drink it all themselves. The Cellarmaster Wine of the Month Club was fortunate in securing this interesting and extraordinary wine.

"Grave del Friuli" or "Western Friuli Hills Wine" where the river Togliamento flows, has its own Denominazione indicating regional identification. Tocai (the local name for the Tokay D' Alsace grape or Pinot Gris) is one of the two famous white wines from Friuli. (No connection at all with the Tokay of Hungary.) Collavini is one of the better know shippers in this region.

The wine is dry, light golden straw color, aromatic nose with a full body. It has a pleasant slightly bitter finish that makes it per­fect for Venetian style fish dishes. Serve chilled with most any food from the sea. Salut.

#98 $4.89/fifth $52.82/case

Gift for Father

Sunday June 17,1979



For many years here in the Sonoma Valley my fam­ily and I produced fine Angelica for use as altar wine. Now several years after our discontinuing production of these wines, we have very little left. This particular Angelica was a remnant of the finest of our altar wines, and we have allowed it to mellow in several oak casks tucked away in a corner of our limestone aging cellars. After a period of restful aging this magnificent wine has fully earned its name "Antigua," the Spanish word for "old."

We have now released this Angelica Antigua in a lim­ited Quantity of numbered bottles at a price which ref­lects the many years of watchful care given this wine. This Angelica Antigua has developed a beautiful caramel texture and a rich peach-cobbler taste.

My sons Sam and Don join me in trusting that you will fully enjoy this beautiful dessert wine.

August Sebestiani


Hacienda Wine Cellars
Sonoma Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaker's Note

The drought conditions of 1976 produced wines modest in quantity but of superior quality. Field blend­ed grapes (83% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Merlot) from the Buena Vista Vineyards, Sonoma, were hand picked in late October and yielded a must of 22.6° Brix and 0.75% by volume total acid. Fermentation reached a maximum temperature of 81°F and lasted 9 days. After settling in upright tanks it was racked to European and American oak barrels where it underwent malolactic fermentation and aging until bottling in August, 1978. Total acid of the finished wine is 0.60% by volume. It was not fined. Its roughness and pro­nounced flavors will soften and gain complexity with several years of bottle age. We recommend serving it at room temperature with stews, roasts, or kebabs of lamb and beef. #112 $8.50 /fifth 91.80/case

Sonoma Valley
"Clair de Lune"
Winemaker's Note

Grown in the cool southern Sonoma Valley, the grapes for this wine were allowed to reach full ripeness (23.3° Brix) before being picked the first of October. After crushing and overnight skin con­tact, the juice was settled, racked and fermented at an average 54°F. After aging in oak barrels, it was bottled in August, 1978. With am­ple fruit in the aroma, this Chardonnay has a hint of oak in delicate balance with the crispness of acid (0.70% by volume). We recommend aging 3.5 years from vintage date and serving slightly below room temperature with fresh salmon or cracked crab. #115 $8.00/fifth 86.40/case

Sonoma County 1978
Winemaker's Note

Selected hillside vineyards in Sonoma and Alexander Valleys provided the fruit for this memorable wine. Timing harvesting is important with Gewürztraminer and the grapes were harvested just as they turned their characteristic shade of russet and achieved op­timum flavor. Average must sugar was 22.4% by weight After over­night skin contact the juice fermented at 52°F for 9 weeks to a residual sugar of 1.2% by weight. Balanced by a total acidity of 0.75% by volume, and exhibiting the characteristic spicy flavors of the variety, this wine will accompany all well-seasoned meals of chicken or other fowl. #113 $6.00/fifth 64.80/case

Sonoma Valley 1978
Pinot Noir-Blanc
Winemaker's Note

Harvested in mid-September, the grapes for this wine measured 22.0° Brix and 0.74% by volume total acid. The grapes were harvested and immediately pressed very light­ly so as to minimize contact of the red skins with the white juice. Cold fermentation averaged 50°F and lasted 4 weeks. The wine is com­pletely dry with 0.65% by volume total acid. The blush of color will provide visual pleasure as well as aging potential for the wine. It will he best enjoyed 2-4 years from the vintage date, when served with poached salmon or other seafood. #111 $4.50/fifth 48.60/case

Sonoma Valley 1978
Johannisberg Riesling

Grown in the historic Buena Vista Vineyards, where yields are modest but quality is exceptional, the grapes for this wine ripened under conditions of an extremely warm growing season. Harvested in late September the grapes measured 24.3% by weight natural sugar. After overnight skin contact, the juice fermented 10 weeks at 52°F to a residual sugar of 5% by weight. The concentrated flavors and sweetness make it a perfect accompaniment to postprandial fruit and cheese. It can also be served slightly chilled as a dessert by itself. #114 $5.75/fifth 62.10/case


An exclusive and unique process of vineyard pressed grapes is used by Wallace Johnson, owner of Fieldstone. The grapes are harvested at peak ripe­ness in the evenings by a mobile press. This quick pressing (2 min­utes from the time they are removed from the vine) captures the fragrance and an exclusive process protects the juice and the wine from oxidation. The resulting wines are exceptional in their fruitiness and varietal char­acter.

Johannisberg Riesling - 1978 #99 $5.00/fifth $54.00/case
Gewurztraminer - 1978 #100 $5.50/fifth $59.40/case
Chenin Blanc - 1978 #101 $4.50/fifth $48.60/case
Spring Cabernet - 1978 #102 $4.50/fifth $48.60/case
Rose of Petite Sirah - 1978 #103 $5.00/fifth $54.00/case


Husch Vineyards produces four estate bottled vintage wines of very high quality. These wines are made entirely of grapes from their Philo vineyards. They are 100% varietals gently pressed then slowly fermented and aged in French and Am­erican oak barrel, and casks. These wines arc delightfully dry with natural acidity due to their cool climatic growing con­ditions. They are also magnificently pure with strong varietal character.

Pinot Noir Rose - 1978 #104 $5.25/fifth $56.70/case
Johannisberg Riesling - 1978 #105 $7.00/fifth $75.60/case
Gewurztraminer - 1978 #106 $7.25/fifth $78.30/case
Pinot Noir - 1977 #107 $8.75/fifth $94.50/case
Cabernet Sauvignon - 1977 #108 $9.00/fifth $97.20/case

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