1979-10 October Classic Newsletter

October 1979 Selection of California Wine


Boeger Vineyards and winery are located at Plac­erville in El Dorado County in the foothills of the gold rush country. This area is just re-emerging as a grape growing and wine producing area. Greg Boeger, a graduate in viticulture and enology from the Univ­ersity of California at Davis, established the winery in 1973 and serves as its winemaker.

The exact origin of the zinfandel is uncertain, although it was first brought to this country in the 1850's by the colorful Count Haraszthy. Today it is the most widely planted variety in California and thrives in virtually every winegrowing district. It produces its finest wines however, when grown in the cooler regions of the north.

This Boeger Zinfandel is characterized by a rather intense varietal aroma. It is full bodied but, soft on the palate, without excessive tan­nin. Try it at room temperature with a hearty dish. A tremendous value.

#167 $3.75/fifth $40.50/case

October 1979 Selection of Imported Wine


The Loire is the longest and one of the most beautiful rivers in France. In the course of its 600 mile journey from its source to the At­lantic it transverses a whole series of prov­inces and viticultural districts. Muscadet is the last wine growing region through which it passes.

The grape from which it comes is known locally as the Muscadet, although its true name is Melon. The melon was brought from Burgundy to the Loire valley some three centuries ago. The grape is of little consequence or quality elsewhere but in Muscadet it yields a fresh, pale and altogether agreeable wine.

This Domaine des Dorices is a good example of the wines produced in this area of Brittany. It was a gold medal winner at local fairs. It is light, crisp, dry and refreshing. Serve it chilled with seafood or light fare.

#168 $6.00/fifth $64.80/case


The task of selecting 24 special wines a year for our Cellarmaster Wine of the Month Club takes our wine managers to all the trade tastings they can squeeze into a schedule. Only two wines a month receive the nod and qualify for the criteria of our program. Many fine wines are passed up because they did not fit the two slots designated that month, or they might be beyond the price to which the selections are restricted.

Nevertheless, we cannot pass up good wines. We buy these wines and add them to our regular inventory. All wines featured in our shop are wines that have been evaluated and are offered as sound buys.

Here are some notes of recent additions from trade tastings.

Zinfandel, Late Harvest-HACIENDA 1977
Deep purple. Full fruity nose with a bouquet that is developing. Bold mouth­ful of wine. Lots of tannin that will keep this wine improving for many years. Has the port like character of late harvest Zinfandel. #182 $ 5.50/fifth $ 59.40/cs

Gamay Beaujolais-MILL CREEK 1978
Bright medium red color. Fresh fruity nose, very varietal. Young and charming flavor with hint of tartness. Very well made example of a California Beaujolais. #183 $ 3.75/fifth $ 40.50/cs

Gamay Beaujolais-POPE VALLEY 1977
Brilliant medium red color. Charact­eristic Beaujolais nose with lots of fruit. Delightful crisp flavor with lingering fruit. Has shown some flavor development for its 1 year of age. #184 $ 3.75/fifth $ 40.50/cs

Cabernet Sauvignon-POPE VALLEY 1976
Deep crimson color. Closed nose that develops on standing. Medium body with balance. Good Cabernet flavor. Tannin not overwhelming. Very drinkable now, and has developing potential. #185 $ 6.50/fifth $ 7 0/cs

Pinot Noir Blanc-RIVER OAKS 1978
Pale rose color. Short pinot noir nose with fruity overtones. Crisp and clean flavor. Dry and slightly tart. Delightful lingering taste. A beautiful addition to the new range of varietal rose wines being released of recent. Serve chilled. #186 $ 2.99/fifth `$ 32.30/cs

Johannisberg Riesling-RIVER OAKS 1978
Straw yellow color. Full fruity, varietal nose. Light and crisp with good acid reminiscent of Mosel wines. Light body with a hint of sweetness. It has a clean finish. Serve chilled as an aperitif. A buy at this price. #187 $ 3.99/fifth $ 43.10/cs

White Table Wine-RIVER OAKS n.v.
Light yellow color, clean nose. A cut or two above the average jug wine. Sound every day white wine for this price. Made of 45% Sauvignon vert and 55% French Colombard. Has a clean, dry taste with lots of depth to the flavor. #188 $4.99/Mgn. $26.95/cs/6

42 wines tasted. Above 7 were bought. The 35 remaining will not be named to protect the innocent.

Montrachet, CALVET-DOMAINE JACQUES PRIEUR 1972 #169 $ 49.59/fifth $535.57/cs
Meursault ler Cru, Clos de Mazeray CALVET 1972 #170 $ 15.00/fifth $162.00/cs
Vougeot ler Cru, CALVET-DOMAINE JACQUES PRIEUR 1973 #171 $ 15.00/fifth $162.00/cs
Bourgogne (methode Champenoise) VEUVE AMBAL #172 $ 9.00/fifth $ 97.20/cs
La Tache, DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE CONTI 1976 #173 $ 85.00/fifth
Richebourg, DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE CONTI 1976 #174 $ 85.00/fifth
Romanee Conti, DOMAINE DE LA ROM- ANEE CONTI 1976 #175 $150.00/fifth
Grand Echezeaux, DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE CONTI 1976 #176 $ 66.25/fifth
Romanee St. Vivant, DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE CONTI 1976 #177 $ 75.00/fifth
Montrachet, DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE CONTI 1976 #178 $137.50/fifth
Edelzwicker, NAVARRO VINEYARDS #179 $ 4.50/fifth $ 48.60/cs
Vin Rouge, NAVARRO VINEYARDS #180 $ 4.50/fifth $ 48.60/cs
Gewurztraminer, NAVARRO VINEYARDS 1977 #181 $ 6.00/fifth $ 64.80/cs
Cabernet Sauvignon, NAVARRO VINE- YARDS 1975 #182 $ 8.00/fifth $ 86.40/cs

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Sauvignon Blanc

Why have the major French and German wine regions restricted vine­yard plantings to such few varieties? Early Californian winemakers assumed it was solely because of climatic conditions, and, since our climate is much milder, planted and vinefied almost every conceivable variety. Only after our best winemakers failed repeatedly to make some of these varietal wines on par with their European counterparts did our researchers uncover the other factors such as soil and mutations.

Sauvignon blanc, or Fume blanc, as it is also known, is just such a variety.

Long grown in both the Bordeaux and Loire region of France to produce outstanding white wines, this variety is now being planted in light gravelly Californian soils to produce wines comparable to many of their European counterparts.

These wines are crisp, clean, and strikingly fruity. Plan to attend our October seminar to learn how pleasant these wines are, and how they compare with their French cousins. The enclosed flyer gives the details.

Al Hausrath, Chapter Director