1980-03 March Classic Newsletter


Some seventy miles north of San Fran­cisco lies a century old grape growing district known as the Dry Creek Valley. The Dry Creek Winery is a small operation which produces premium table wines almost exclusively from the Dry Creek Valley. It was founded in 1972 by David Stare who became a wine enthusiast while a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His decision to enter the wine business as a professional occurred after a visit to France in the early 70's. When Stare started his project he had one goal in mind and that was to make top quality wines from the Healdsburg area. His Chen-in Blanc is cold-fermented in stainless steel to ensure freshness and the slight­ly acidic finish typical of the winery's style.

The Chenin Blanc is an excellent quality white wine grape also known as the Pineau de la Loire. In the French provinces of Touraine and Anjou it is the predominant white variety, almost to the exclusion of others. It is the variety responsible for Vouvray, Saumur, Coteaux du Layon, Savennieres and others. In northern California it is successfully grown and is highly productive. Here it yields a fresh pale early-maturing wine of considerable finesse and breed.

This Dry Creek Chenin Blanc has a light straw color and a pronounced chen­in blanc character. It is dry and has a clean lingering finish. Serve chilled with light foods, fruit or salad.

$4.75/fifth $51.30/case


Beaujolais is the district in southern Burgundy which yields one of the most pop­ular and best loved wines of France. Al­though traditionally part of Burgundy its wines are very different from those of the great Cote d' Or. "Nouveau" means new and in France it is traditionally the first wine to be made after the harvest. Beau­jolais of this style is extremely popular and its arrival at the cafes of Paris is practically a national event. The French look upon the young Nouveau as a preview of the quality of other wines, which in time, will emerge from the aging cellars. If the Nouveau is good, the harvest is con­sidered a success.

The Gamay is the grape of Beaujolais, and is grown to the exclusion of almost every other variety. It thrives on the clay and granitic soils of the region and produces finer wines here than any other place in France. Gamay from this region is almost always fresh, fruity and full bodied.

This delightful Beaujolais Nouveau has a fragrant nose, beautiful color and a fresh grapy flavor. It is soft on the pal­ate, and finishes remarkably well. This wine should be consumed within a short time before it looses all of its vitality, youth, and freshness. It is at its best served at the temperature of a cool cellar or, slightly chilled. Enjoy it with fresh fruit and cheese.

$5.25/fifth $56.70/case

The CELLARMASTER Wine of the Month Club

The Cellarmaster Wine of the Month Club is a unique and enjoyable way to taste and learn about many of the fine wines currently available.

When you become a member, you will receive each month: one red wine selection for the month, one white wine selection for the month (rarely, a rose instead of the red or white), and an information newsletter describing the wines and their origins. One wine will be a domestic, the other an import, and both bottles will be full fifths. This sequence will alternate the following month. The total cost for both bottles will never exceed $10.00 plus sales tax and shipping costs of $1.75.

Membership also carries the privilege of purchasing wines from previous selections (as available) at members reorder prices which show discounts from 10% to 25%

For free membership information: Write to: The CELLARMASTER Wine of the Month Club (Dept. N) Post Office Box 217 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 Or Call: (213) 378-8998