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1980-11 November Classic Newsletter


since 1972

November 1980


The French wine laws are very res­trictive. They limit the quantity of wine produced under various appellations. Whatever the motive for this, it some­times produces wine released at a lesser appellation, at a lesser price, yet, of appellation quality. We suspect our import this month is one of these. Its humble appellation of "Bordeaux" does not reflect its quality and worth. We like the price and we especially like its quality for the price. Great buy for your everyday red drinking wine.

It is time for a California Char­donnay. I surveyed the available ones on the market and was surprised at the cost and selections offered. In my constant effort to bring you price ver­sus quality, within the range of our club selections, I found it hard to lo­cate a Chardonnay that meets the cri­teria. You will be pleasantly surprised with this Boeger. (Incidentally Boeger has scored for the second time now, in our selections. Their Zinfandel in October 1979 was superb.)


The largest wine growing district in Bordeaux is Entre-Deux-Mers. It consists of the area of land between two rivers, the Garonne and the Dordogne. Their waters merge to form the Gironde River which empt­ies into the Atlantic at the North end of the Bordeaux region. The district is known for its white wines rather than red wines. Both types of wine fall into the category of everyday wines in the spectrum of Bor­deaux wines. However, when a professor of viticulture and enology at Blanquefort makes wine, you expect a cut above average. This is the case with our red wine this month. Mr. Courselle is the owner of Chat­eau Thieuley in the village of Creon. It has been in his family for generations. He teaches wine making at the University and he extends his expertise into being a commercial producer.

The grapes grown in the Chateau vine­yards are Merlot, Cabernet franc, and Pet­it Verdot. (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscadelle and Colombard for the white wines) In typical Bordeaux fashion they are blended by the winemaker to produce his style and contribution to the world of clarets. It is head and shoulders above the lowly appellation "Bordeaux" that it carries.

The wine is a ruby red color of medium intensity. It has a deep bouquet, with a peppery character. The nose is fruity, and on standing develops a fragrance. The wine has a medium body and a dry taste. It has lots of flavor that shows some tannin. Ideal for serving with a hearty meat dish. Serve at room temperature.

Cellaring Notes: Has a potential of 5 years for ageing improvement.

$4.60/fifth Member reorder price $3.75/fifth


In the heart of El Dorado County, famous for its history of the California Gold Rush, is located a hundred year old winery that is listed in the National Reg­ister of Historic Places. The stone wine cellar of this old winery, is used by Greg and Susan Boeger as their tasting room. They founded their new winery in 1972 and are making very good wine in such a short time. Greg, a graduate of Davis in vit­iculture and enology is winemaker. They are on Carson Road in Placerville and if you are in the area, their tasting room is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The classic chardonnay grape from France adopted itself well to our soil and climates in California. It is the principal grape of famous French Champagne, French Chablis, Meursault, Montrachet, Pouilly-Fuisse and other wines from France. In California, our winemakers have succeed­ed in producing superb wines from this grape. Many times, the California wines have matched and beat the best French Chardonnay wines in International tastings.

Boeger Chardonnay is light yellow in color. It has a fruity nose, that is on the closed side and typically varietal. The taste is dry and smooth. After the first sensation of dryness, it follows with a demonstration of its body in your mouth which is medium to full. This is followed by a pleasantly acidic finish that carries a lingering of the chardonnay flavor in your mouth. Truly well constructed. Ser­ve at cellar temperature with fish or fowl. It is particularly good with lobster newberg or other sauce seafood dishes. Cellaring Notes: Will peak in flavor in 2-4 years.

$7.00/ fifth Member reorder price $6.00/fifth



If you venture into the world of mul­tiple glasses for serving different wines, here is a representation of their shapes. For some reason wine tastes better in the correct shaped glass, and what an effect they make when serving. Class!

The Cellarmaster Wine of the Month Club is a unique and enjoyable way to taste and learn about many of the fine wines currently available.

When you become a member you will receive each month
one red wine selection for the month
one white wine selection for the month. (or sometimes a rosé)
an information newsletter describing the wines and their origins

One wine will be a domestic, and the other an import, and both bottles will be full fifths. This sequence will alternate the following month. The total cost for both bottles will never exceed $12.00 plus sales tax and shipping costs of $1.75.

Membership also carries the privilege of purchasing wines from previous selections (as available) at members reorder prices which show discounts from 10% to 25%

For free membership information: Write to: The CELLARMASTER Wine of the Month Club (Dept. N) Post Office Box 217 Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 Or Call: (213) 378-8998