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Wine To Go Pack

Wine To Go Pack


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"Canned wine is Real. And here are the Real ones (I guarantee them).

I wouldn't have believed it either. In fact, most customers I tell this story to curl their lips. And when Ed and I did the FREE tasting video on these (5) canned wines, you should see his reaction....he loved them (access to tasting video URL is FREE). Then I poured them in a blind tasting with other wine vendors and each one raised an eyebrow to the quality.

My sample pack comes with a super Pinot Noir, a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, a crisp Rosé, a refreshing white, and a gorgeous red blend. I hand-picked these 5 wines from dozens tasted and I need you to try them....but please, please, pour them in a glass...you too will be shocked.

I'll also throw in $10 flat rate shipping...I just need you to try them."

Tempt (500ml)
Freakshow Cabernet (187ml)
Day Owl (250ml)
West-Wilder Pinot Noir (250ml)
Obsession Symphony (375ml)

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