1972-12 December Classic Selection

December 1972 Selection of California Wine


Tradition has it, that the champagne toast to the New Year be one of good luck, good fortune, and good cheer. We bring you a California champagne with which to make that toast. A champagne of excellence, Korbel Natural.

From the origin of the Korbel cellars, quality has been their trademark. In the beginning this quality was guaranteed by the diligence of Francis, Anton and Joseph Korbel, the brothers from Czechoslovakia, who founded the winery. Since 1954, this same quality has been maintained by the persistent efforts of the Heck brothers, another dynasty of wine makers and the present owners of Korbel cellars.

A full line of white champagnes are made by Korbel, from the Natural (very dry) to Sec (medium dry). Natural is the driest and finest of the Korbel champagnes. Natural is made as the great champagnes of France are made, with no additives to sweeten its taste, or "smooth-out" its texture in order to please the inexperienced palate. It might seem, possibly, too dry to some, but the true wine lover will savor its excellent flavor and quality.

-- And so, with a glass of Korbel Natural in hand, a toast to you our customers. May The New Year Be As Rewarding For You, As You Have Made The Past One For Us. - Merry Christmas 6, Happy New Year.


December 1972 Selection of Imported Wine


Grab a good book, stoke up the fire, pull up an easy chair, sit down, relax, and pour yourself a glass of Magigal Amontillado. Of the Spanish sherries, Amontillado is one of the finer types. It is generally on the dry side and paler than other sherries, yet not as light or dry as Manzanilla. Its name comes from the village and district of Montilla, south of Cordoba, in Spain. A literal translation is " A sherry of the Montilla type". We feel that Magigal is a good example of a true Amontillado. A good wine to curl up with, and take the chill out of a December night. Leave some out for Santa!! $2.95/fifth



"Tres bien" is what you'll say when you try our new assortment of foods from France. Palos Verdes Liquor and Spice Shop is proud to bring you these truly unique palate teasing delectables.

Langue de Chat- A deliciously light vanilla wafer, with browned edges. Excellent with ice cream and puddings. (65¢)

Maniscottes- A crispy zweibeck type cracker.Goes well with any pate, cheese or dip. A treat with cold meats. (49¢)

Clement Fugier Chestnut Spread- A thick, sweet, ground, chestnut spread. A delightful topping over vanilla ice-cream, or spread over toast. (65¢)

Puget Olives- Slightly wrinkled, dry, black olive. A habit forming hors d'oeuvre. (65¢)

Grielle- Toast biscuit, bread slice size. Good with any buffet, along with the breads. (89¢)

Pain d'epices- A sliced, gingerbread type cake, with a surprisingly different taste. Consider serving warm with cream or ice-cream. (79¢)

Orleans prepared mustard, Desaux Fils- A zippy mustard with a hearty vinegar base. Different to any other prepared mustard. (79¢)

Pate de Foi du Perigord- A truly outstanding pate. A blend of half goose liver, with other liver and truffles. Light,mild flavor, with a hint of orange. Easy way to serve an appetiser course or as an hors d'oeuvre. Garnish with chopped eggs and parsley. ($2.19)

Gherkins, Deseaux Fils.- Fancy small gherkins pickled in vinegar as only the French can. Crisp and tangy. ($1.79)

Filets de Maquereaux- Mackerel fillets marinated in white wine and pickles. Something truly different in a fish delicacy. (75¢)

Come visit our new gourmet corner, or let us deliver some of these items with your next order.