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1973-01 January Classic Newsletter

January 1973 Selection of California Wine


The Martini Wine tradition runs deep, as far back as the 1890's when Louis M. Martini's father was considering going into the bus¬iness. In the early 1920's Louis Martini returned to his native Italy to enhance his wine knowledge and perfect his trade. Today, the Louis M. Martini winery at St. Helena is world famous for its fine mountain wines. Zinfandel, in California, is one of the most widely planted grapes in the State, total acreage being approx. 25,000. It is one of the better grape varieties in the state. It has its ancestry somewhere in Europe, (where exactly has long been a mystery). The wine pro¬duced from the grape is among the most unique of California, bearing a large nose and bright red color. Like the beaujolias it is a wine to be drunk young as it gains little from age. Enjoy this wine with any food you'd serve a red wine with. A truly pleasant com¬bination of nature and the knowledge of man. $2.25 per fifth

January 1973 Selection of Imported Wine


This dry white Spanish wine is the product of one of the countries most modern wineries. The Torres family has been producing wine for over three centuries. The vineyards of Spain, especially those along the Mediterranean Sea, are among the oldest in the world, per¬haps centuries older than those in France. The vineyards around Villafranca del Panades, where the Torres winery is located, fill the surrounding hillsides as far as the eye can see. These vines produce 100% of all the grapes used to make Torres wines and bran¬dies. Don't let the price of this wine fool you, Spanish wines are all relatively inexpensive due to the economy of the country itself. Vina Sol, is as the name implies, Wine of the Sun, light and free in taste with a very definite taste of Spain. Great with seafood and light meats. $1.98 per fifth


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