1973-02 February Classic Newsletter

February 1973 Selection of California Wine


Petite Sirah is an ancient strain of grape which is found men¬tioned as far back as the 6th Century B.C. The Greeks are cred¬ited with introducing it into France. The California strain grows best in a moderate coastal climate and non-fertile soil which is an apt description of the climatic and soil conditions of the Livermore Valley where this wine is produced. The Concannon family, which had long been known for producing premium white wines, started developing this red varietal in 1959. The first bottling was marketed in 1964 and was an immediate success. Petite Sirah is a dry red wine with a pleasing bouquet, dark color, medium body and a full satisfying flavor. It is ideal with steaks, roasts (especially prime rib!), game and cheese. $2.75 per fifth

February 1973 Selection of Imported Wine


Chateau de Beauregard is located in the center of the outstanding vineyards of the Pouilly-Fuisse District of France. The wine known as Pouilly-Fuisse is a white burgundy but because of the area where the grapes are grown it is a cut above the ordinary whites of that region. Located on the Beaujolais border near Macon, the Pouilly-Fuisse District is a sudden outcropping of limestone hills rich in chalk which the Chardonnay loves. This particular soil imparts to the wine a slight "gout de terroir" or taste imparted by the soil. Made entirely of Pinot Chardonnay grapes this wine is fairly light and dry but it has a very satisfying and "mouth-filling" body. It is a pale golden color with a fine light bouquet. This is definit¬ely a wine to be drunk young and to enjoy now. It should be mag¬nificent with all seafood and chicken dishes. $5.79 per fifth

This months selection and write up was prepared by one of our customers, Mrs. Anita MacFarlane. We invite your participation.


Something new from Beaujolais

Every winter, there is great anticipation in the cafes of Paris, for the arrival of the "new" wine of Beaujolais. Posters in the cafes announce the arrival of the Beaujolais Primeur. Now, for the first time in the United States, a Beaujolais Primeur is available from one of the oldest and most reputable firms in France. Pasquier-Desvignes in St. Lager.

Beaujolais is the classic red wine which should be drunk and enjoyed while still young, and the "Beaujolais Primeur" is bottled immediately after the vintage. It is full of life and of the delightful qualities of Beaujolais. By French law, Beaujolais Primeur cannot be bottled before November 15, and within days, shipments are on their way all over France and now to America.

Serve with any food with which one would drink a light red wine. $3.75/fifth

An American entry into the Beaujolais Nouveau field. The Sebastiani vineyards of Sonoma have come up with their Beaujolais Primeur or Nouveau, as they term it. The label is reproduced here, for you information. It is self explanatory. You might consider comparing the two "new" Beaujolais we offer at Palos Verdes Liqour & Spice. $2.75/fifth