1973-03 March Classic Newsletter

California Selection for March 1973


Parducci is an old well established winery with its begin¬nings in 1916, at Cloverdale. In 1935 the founder, Adolph Parducci, moved the winery to Ukiah, and by doing so, caused it to become California's most northern winery. The Parducci winery since it's origin, has been a family owned and operated business taking great pride in the cultivating, manufacturing, and marketing of it's wines. The wines produced there are done so much on the traditional European method; in that they are unfined and unfiltered. This pro¬cess, according to some wine experts, adds that certain something to the wine, that is to say, the possibility of filtering out some of the wines characteristics is reduced. It is a process used by very few wineries in California, thus making it a very unique and most interesting wine.

The Cabernet Sauvignon of Parducci is of very good quality, with a full robust bouquet and rich red color. You'll find it ages very well, but has a slightly higher sediment content, due to the lack of filtering. The wine we have in stock includes; approximat¬ely two cases from the 1968 vintage, three cases from the 1969 vint¬age, and three cases on order of either 1969 or 1970 vintage.

A last word, in closing, if any of you wish case quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon be sure to order early, as we are the only retail outlet for the Parducci wines in the immediate South Bay area, and it is in limited supply. $4.00/fifth

Imported Selection for March 1973


-- monkey bottle -

This white wine is perhaps the best known of all the Swiss wines; in that it is present everywhere in the world where fondue is served. It has its origin along the northern shores of Lake Neuchatel, twenty miles from the French border. The grape used is the Chasselas; known in Switzerland as the Fendant; the wine produced from it is fresh and light with a very pleasing character. Neuchatel is bottled when less than six months old, and, in Switzerland is slightly sparkling or petillant, though this quality is not present in its exported form. In case you've never tried fondue, which is the best meal to accompany Neuchatel; we have all the ingredients you'll need except the fondue kettle, which is available at the P. V. General Store. So, you're set, stop by and see why it's called Neuchatel, monkey bottle. $5.15/fifth



From the Napa Valley - a line of wine vinegars to enhance any salad or dressing. From Vintage Vinegar Works, Yountville, Ca.
Red wine vinegar-white wine vinegar
Garlic wine vinegar-Tarragon wine
Vinegar- Pear wine vinegar
$1.00 per bottle-4/5 pt.


Fifteen - 15 - fifths of 1955 Chateau Yquem found sleeping quietly in our basement. Maturated to a rich cream color-some bottles partially labelless. $54.80 for the good labels, $48.99 for the others.


It's on the way no doubt about it. Yet, through a great amount of luck we still have some Beaujolais Primeur in stock. Hurry though, it's only good until about the end of May.


When buying German wines you'll find the Moselles in green bottles and the Rhines in brown.


But it's worth mentioning. Over the past few months, Doug Reese, our store manager, has been making a concerted effort to improve our quantity and quality of imported beers. We now have 27 brews of other than American origin, the list includes; Bass Ale, Dab Bock Malt, Dos Equis, Guiness Stout, Heineken, Kirin, Lowenbrau, Mexicale, Pschorr, Ritterbrau, San Miguel, Superior, Watneys, Wurzburger, Pilsner UrqueLl, Whitbread Ale, and Whitbread Beer.


Due to an extreme shortage of Concannon Petite Sirah, all of the domestic wine of the month recipients did not receive their wine shipments. This was a wholesaler-winery goof, one that we are trying to straighten out, so as soon as it is again available we'll let you know.