1973-04 April Classic Newsletter

California Selection for April 1973


This white wine is one of the most valued prizes of the Wente Winery, second only to its Chateau Wente; which is still made of grapes from Chateau Yiquem cuttings. Le Blanc de Blancs is in the traditional Riesling style containing the same bright fresh appearance, fruity light bouquet, and tingley-nutty taste on the palate. Its overall excellence has deep roots in the world reknowned Chateau Y'quem of the Marquis de Lur Saluces, the wines from Y'quem being the best whites in the world. When Louis Mel, whose wife was a friend of the then Marquis de Lur-Saluces, sold his treasured El Mocho vineyards to Wente, they became the largest holder of Y'quem cuttings in this country. From these vineyards and their own, Wente has progressed to the point of being the best, white wine producer in California, probably the United States and is still in the process of im¬proving. In the years to come no one knows how good the Wente whites will become. Of some interest though, is the fact that when the contemporary Marquis de Lur-Saluces visits the United States, he is quick to ask how his "California Y'quem children" are faring. $2.25/fifth

Imported Selection for April 1973


The Italian wines are much in the same situation as the Spanish. The country produces some very excellent wine, but due to its economy, the price in this country does not reflect its hidden quality. This is the plight of Valpolicella; it has a fruity, light bouquet, a smooth velvety texture, yet is dis¬creet in its alcohol content; the grapes are grown with great care and produced into wine, deserving much better acclaim than that which it receives. The grapes used are varieties of the Corvina, Molinara, Negrara and Rondinella, being produced in the townships of Negrar, Fumone, Marano, San Pietro Incariano and Sant' Ambrogio. Each of these comuni, as they are known in Italy, are within the limited area northwest of Verona, in Northern Italy. The Valpolicella is aged in wood usually 16 to 20 months then bottled and allowed to age in the bottle. It is best when drunk before it is five years in the bottle. Now that you know the facts, try a bottle and maybe you too will help champion the cause of Valpolicella. $2.89/fifth



The wine letter does have a back side. It's amazing, since we dropped the recipes, from this side (in that they were only a fill-in until we could get this column set up) it seems that NO ONE pays any attention to it. This side of the wine letter will now be devoted to new items, product changes, and information designed to help you in your selec¬tion of premium wines--if the ladies reading this would like some more recipes like the ones appearing here, come in and ask for them, we have a large supply--so, the only way we know if you like or dislike The Grape Vine is for you to tell us. Who knows we may be wasting our time, en¬ergy, and talents, after all, we could always print recipes - eh Martha???!!!


Anywhere in the store. But, by request at the check¬out counter, you can inspect and purchase at a reasonable price, either a fifth of 1935 Simi Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon or a tenth of 1941 Simi Claret. That reasonable price being $37.50 for the Zinfandel, $42.50 for the Caber¬net Sauvignon and $7.50 for the Claret.


Here is a list of all the premium California wines we now carry in stock: Almaden, Beaulieu, Beringer, Buena Vista, Christian Brothers, Concannon, Fetzer, Freemark Abbey, Hanzell (Pinot Noir 1968), Inglenook, Charles Krug, Korbel, Llords and Elwood, Paul Masson, Louis Martini, Mirassou, Robert Mondavi, Parducci, San Martin, Sebastiani, Simi, Sonoma, Wiebel, And Wente. This list does not in¬clude the Domestic Sherries section which also has wines ...iv from Ficklin and Novitiate besides many of the above listed wineries. Also in this section are the Taylor Sherries of New York State and the Meier's Ohio State Wines---

P.S. Suggestions and special orders welcome.