1973-05 May Classic Newsletter

California Selection for May 1973

Parducci Petite Sirah 1969

Our friendly winery to the north returns with another selection for our May wine of the month. We have been featuring Parducci in an effort to introduce you, our customers, to its fine variety of wines, in particular their reds, which, as was mentioned in the March let¬ter are unfined and unfiltered. This process is becoming more and more accepted as means of obtaining a better balance and richer tas¬ting wine. Another factor enters into the making of Parducci wines, in the cool coastal hills of Mendocino County, grapes retain acidity and their wines are of longer life. And yet the hot maturing season brings high sugar content, giving Parducci wines fine balance and a different style from those of Napa or Sonoma. This month's selection, Petite Sirah 1969, is deep in color and aroma, heavy but full of finesse, clean and finely finished. All elements are present for a lovely wine of the future. As in March we make a small suggestion about this Parducci wine; the present supply in our warehouse is all there is of the 1969 vintage, if you like it, purchase in quantity now. $2.90/fifth

Imported Selection for May 1973

Steinkrug Liebfraumilch

Many things have been said about the wines of Germany; some good, some bad; but no wine from Germany has acquired the rapid ac¬ceptance in the United States like Liebfraumilch. The origin of this wine was best explained, we feel, by Dr. E. G. Zitzen in Der Wine in der Wort-und Wirlschaftsgechichte (Bonn 1952). "Liebfraumilch is not a geographical denomination, but a fancy name applicable to all Rhine wines of good quality and pleasant character. The name originated from the vineyards around the Liebfrauenkirche in Worms- the vine¬yard of the Monks of the Liebfrauenstift. In former days the name of the wine was not Liebfraumilch, but Liebfrauenminch. In other words the term Liebfraumilch arises out of the natural development of the language, and the milk in this name has nothing whatsoever to do with the nourishing beverage which we all enjoy one way or another, and which was not in the minds of the originators of the name Liebfrau¬Amilch. It is certainly wrong to translate Liebfraumilch, as it has been translated, as "'Milk of Our Lady'". The name is the result of shifting of consonants of the spoken word, a phenomenon common to the development of all languages." This month's selection Steinkrug Liebfraumilch is an excellent example of this popular German wine. We have it readily available in stout brown crocks awaiting your tasting and approval. $3.55/fifth



.... are everywhere in the store. We have one-l-only case of Torres, Grand Coronas, 1959 vintage. We consider ourselves lucky since there were only 150 cases brought into the Southern California area. It's excellent wine for only $3.50 per fifth.... For the fruit wine drinker we have an apricot and a plum wine. These wines are fro the small, but growing, Nave Pierson winery in Los Angeles. At $1.79 per fifth, there's no fruit wine on the market as good. ... Paul Masson is introducing a California Zinfandel into the market this month. The price is $2.50 per fifth, the wine is typical of Paul Masson, good quality at a reasonable price. ... From France...many new wines. A group of petite chateaux; or lesser known vine¬yards; at more reasonable prices. They range from $3.50 to $10.00... you know the big chateaux now range from $8.00 to $60.00. and more.... Also a new 1963 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon and a 1967 Pinot Noir both from Sebastiani vintners. ... With the approach of June we bring you a new Champagne at Palos Verdes Liquor. CHATEAU a la MER (Castle by the Sea) is an excellent, extra dry white champagne from a small California winery owned by the Weibel Champagne Vineyards. This winery has been pro¬ducing their champagne for Bullock's, Robinson's, the Hilton and Sheraton Hotel chains for many years. Though its quality rates a much better price, as indeed you pay at the Hotels listed above, CHATEAU a la MER will be on sale for $2.69/fifth. We will introduce this champagne to the Palos Verdes Estates in mid-to-late May. We are sure you will enjoy it.