1973-06 June Classic Newsletter

California Selection for June 1973

Simi North Coast Burgundy

California as everyone knows, produces more wine than any other state in the union, and is second only to Europe in total production. And yet, with the great variety this production allows, the best sel¬ling and most widely purchased dry red wine is burgundy. Most of the wine produced in California; that is sold as burgundy; can be, a blend of a number of grape varieties, with the inferior blended with the average or superior wines; depending on what the winery is looking foi as a finished product. We would like to introduce you to a burgundy produced by one of the better wineries, that, we feel, is superior in quality to most of the burgundy on the market, Simi North Burgundy. The winery itself was founded in 1876 by Giuseppe Simi. In the 1870's he moved to the Healdsburg area where he planted extensive acreage and built a winery, which he named Montepulciano. After his death the winery was run by his daughter Isabella and her husband Fred Haigh. In recent years the winery was sold to Russell Green, formally of Palos Verdes, who has put much time and money into rebuild¬ing and modernizing the old winery. The wines produced today at Simi are due largely to his persistence and determination to give the pub¬lic superior quality wine at reasonable prices. Simi North Coast Burgundy ... $2.00 per fifth

European Selection for June 1973

Barton & Guestier Barsac

There is currently a large switch over from hard liquor, to wine in process in the United States. This change in drinking habits pro¬bably is derived from the fact that our country is becoming more cul¬tural and more aware of the finer things in life. More than anything else, it is probably the influence that travel has brought to many, many, more Americans. In most European countries a before dinner cocktail is unknown. Instead, a cool pleasant glass of Sauterne or Barsac is offered as a sort of appetizer. The Europeans live to eat, and each meal is just enjoyed to its fullest, from start; with a cool glass or two of a good Sauterne or Barsac; to finish. All of this being much different from our American way of life, in that we eat to live, and a meal is just fuel to keep the body going. We feel that this is no way to live, and, we would like to help you change; if you haven't already; from the eat to live routine, to the live to eat approach. For your own benefit, try a nice cool glass of Barton & Guestier Barsac before your next meal. You'll find its excellantly fine sweet flavor, the perfect appetizer to almost any entree. Barton & Guestier Barsac $5.05 per fifth



Torres Rosado, a bright fresh rose. Also Marquis de Riscal the farrous red wine from the elite winery.

Good News

for our buyers of domestic wine in particular, the I California winery of Robert Mondavi. We are now negotiating with the winery to obtain an increased and more consistent supply of better wines from Robert Mondavi. A little bad news with the good, we have learned that there will be little, or no Chardonnay from Robert Mondavi until late this year or early 1974, We do still have a few bottles in stock, to be sold on a first come first serve basis.


...our 1973 allocation of Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon has arrived. If it ages as well as most of the Cabernet's from Freemark Abbey it will be a very good wine in one or two years. We have been allocated nine cases, no case quantities will be sold.